Chapter 257

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Going to the royal palace for the party.
“Now then… are you ready to go to the royal palace?”
“Yes, Dear.”
“Yes. How about you, Cristea?”
“… Yes.”

… I’m not ready. If I had to say then I would like my corset to be loosened a little bit more…
I stealthily made an eye signal with Miria to loosen it to a degree no one would notice, but still…
Okaasama, she has definitely forgotten about what we have talked before, right? Rather, she forgot about it on purpose, didn’t she!?
When I glared at Okaasama with resentful eyes, she cheerfully climbed into the carriage under Otousama’s escort.

“Now then, shall we go?”

I took Oniisama’s hand that he presented and climbed into the carriage under his escort.

“Lord, immediately call me were something to happen, alright? I will come flying.”

He totally plans on warping right there, huh? No, no, that’s not good.

“Cristea, be careful, okay?”

Yeah, I have no idea what I’m supposed to be careful about, but I will do my best…

“Thank you. See you later.”

I waved at the worried two and departed from the mansion.

The thin layer of snow that was supposed to pile up on the road to the royal palace has been completely melted by fire magic for easy access of the carriages. Hmm, job well done…

I advanced the distance to the royal palace of a few days ago again.
I was nervous during the tea party with Quee… Lily-sama too, but many children are my opponents this time. I’m used to talking with adults, but I have no idea about children.
They are the sons and daughters of the nobility, so they should be somewhat mature, but…
The carriage the nervous Cristea was sitting in slowly moved towards the royal palace.


“Norman, Cristea. We have to give our congratulations first. Will you find the way to the assembly hall by yourselves?”
“Yes, we will be fine, Father. Well then… Cristea, this way.”

When we arrived at the royal palace, the adults went to the audience hall to give their congratulations to His Majesty, while we, the children were guided to a different hall.

… It’s a children’s party, so the party hall is sort of a nursery, isn’t it… while thinking such, we split from Otousama and Okaasama and I was escorted to the assembly hall by Oniisama.


In the assembly hall, there was a child, upon a child, upon a child… an array of young noble sons and daughters. The last time I saw so many children might have been in my past life.

However… how to say it… so gaudy…
The gold and silver colored dresses and justacorps with abundant laces are dazzling… they are sparkling like elementary schoolers ready for a photoshoot…

To tell the truth, it was planned that my dress was the same. I flatly refused to wear such dress, so “Don’t you think that a trained eye would see true beauty in something proper, rather than something overly flashy?” I skillfully lead Okaasama and induced her to make it as simple as possible.

I think I wanted something impossible from the dressmaker, but the artisan apparently took it as an opportunity to display her skills even on something simple. I’m thankful…

Instead, the attached laces and fabric are of the highest quality…
Speaking of the delicate sleeves and cuffs… breathtaking.
Even though it was my idea, it goes without saying that I regretted when the dressmaker proudly told me she used material of the finest grade that is not normally used for children’s clothes.

It would be terrible if I dirtied it with sauce or something, so when I muttered that I can’t freely enjoy the dishes, Okaasama was pleased with the result and said “My, there was a trick like that, I see”. Uguu…

While remembering something like that, my surroundings became noisy.

… N?

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