Chapter 421

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Eh? Why are you here!?
(Oi there! Quickly let me out from here!)

Gnya~! Hearing a familiar cry, I looked at the basket in Miria’s hands that was shaking violently.
Eh, perhaps…
When I opened the lid of the basket in a hurry…

(Stop locking me up in a narrow basket like this forever, geez! What if I suffocate!)

Kaguya stuck her head out of the basket and tried to get out after looking around, so I hurriedly closed the lid again.

(Fugya!? What are you doing! That hurt!)

It seems that I hit her head because it was sticking out.

(I’m sorry, Kaguya! We have to ride the carriage again, so be a little more patient please.)

Kaguya went Fusha~! in anger, so while I soothed her via telepathy, Miria made an apologetic face at me.

“Umm, she wouldn’t leave my side since yesterday… and Master said it won’t be a problem to bring her with me, and I thought she might be missing you, so I brought her along.”
(She’s wrong! I am also in contract with you, I have the right to receive your magical power! That’s why I tagged along!)

The basket shook and Kaguya promptly objected to Miria’s words. However, there wouldn’t be a need to stick to Miria since yesterday then…
Originally, pets cannot be brought to the school, let alone magic beasts, so I was thinking of going home on the weekends to supply her with magical power.
… Well, now that my Sacred Beast contracts got exposed, there now won’t be a problem if Kaguya appears around me. Otousama must have allowed her to come because he was thinking the same.

“Were you lonely? I’m sorry for leaving you behind, Kaguya.”

When I tried to open the lid of the basket, a cat punch came flying towards me.
This tsundere…

“Cristea, get in.”

Urged by Otousama, we quickly got into the carriage.
When the door got closed, the carriage started advancing right away.

“… We have somehow managed, but the hassle is just about to start.”

Otousama let out a sigh.

“What do you mean…?”

I was feeling completely relieved since we were able to avoid taking the blame for keeping silent about the contracts, and Otousama was going with the Headmaster to report tomorrow…
What kind of trouble could I get into when I can walk brazenly with Mashiro and Kurogane by my side?

“It will become public knowledge that you are a Sacred Beast contractor. There’s no way there wouldn’t be trouble that follows because of that.”
“Indeed. You will be receiving offers for engagement one after another.”

I mean, didn’t Otousama say I will be able to manage some way or another when I enter the academy?


“That wouldn’t be the case if you were the Crown Prince’s finacée, though. However, it cannot be helped since you don’t have any intention of becoming his fiancée at this time, right? It’s not in the royal family’s best interest to not respect your wishes since it could antagonize Kurogane-sama and Mashiro-sama. It’s the royal family who understands the Sacred Beasts contracts the best, so they won’t overbearingly try to force the engagement onto you.”
“However, the pursuers you will have because of that very reason… won’t most likely be just a few. One’s influence within the palace will grow exponentially with a Sacred Beast contractor in the family, after all.”

Ridiculous. Pursuing a child like me… oh, I see. It isn’t strange for unborn children to get engaged in this world.

“Don’t worry, I will eliminate any marriage proposals that don’t come directly to you of those who forget our family’s status in the heat of the moment.”

I’m thankful, but what do you mean by eliminating them!? You are simply going to decline, right!?
I would like to stop your disturbing choice of words because it’s scaring me…

“The problem will be the people trying to court you just for your power inside the academy.”
“Indeed. There will be fools who will approach you thinking that they could marry rich and powerful by getting recognized by Kurogane-sama and Mashiro-sama.”

The hell is this, even though I escaped from becoming the Crown Prince’s fiancée, I will get swarmed by bugs trying to marry rich and powerful?

“I don’t want that!”
“That’s your reality. If you dislike it, get engaged to the Crown Prince. That is the best and fastest solution, after all.”

I don’t want that either. I know I just can’t keep saying I don’t want this, I don’t want that, but I don’t want to get engaged just so I wouldn’t be followed around. Besides, it would be really disrespectful to His Highness.

“Stop it, Annrieta. Since she has Kurogane-sama and Mashiro-sama protecting her, you can leave it to Cristea’s will.”
“That’s true, but… I feel that this child who is ignorant of the ways of the world will get tricked by some scoundrel of doubtful origins. If that’s the case, she better get engaged to the His Highness…”
“… I know. Haah… I should have agreed that time…”

When Otousama stopped her with a sharp gaze, Okaasama reluctantly withdrew.
I can’t believe and Otousama and Okaasama are having such talks… rather, so you didn’t give up yet, Okaasama.

“The eyes of the parents don’t reach every corner in the academy. That’s why I told Norman to take good care of you.”
“You asked Oniisama?”
“Norman might be busy as a candidate for the Crown Prince’s aide, but since he’s by His Highness’ side most of the time, he knows of his movements and he can stop others from approaching you. Norman was also eager to take care of you, so you can be at ease.”

I’m thankful for Oniisama’s protection, but how are my friends (future classmates) supposed to approach me…?
I feel that I would be a loner without Mariel-chan…

“We will be the ones to protect Lord, there’s no need for Norman’s help.”
“That’s right. Cristea has us, we won’t let weirdos approach her!”

Kurogane and Mashiro were dissatisfied with Otousama’s words.

“Even though you say this, you can’t always be by my daughter’s side in the academy. Rather, you might have a difficult time dealing with the nobles aiming for you as well.”
“… Mu, that’s…”
“We can just remove those people…”

Mashiro, let’s not speak such dangerous words as removing people, okay!?

“It’s still nobles who are best to oppose other nobles. Leave them to our family to deal with.”

When Otousama said it so clearly, the two could only agree reluctantly.

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