Chapter 420

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Somehow… I was able to manage?
We left the Headmaster’s office, gave a nod to the secretary Pamela-san at the anteroom, and went out into the hallway.
As we got into the elevator, I started collapsing the moment the button was pushed.

“… Otousama, Okaasama. Thank you very much for today. Also, I am sorry for the trouble I’ve caused.”

When I apologized dispiritedly, Otousama cleared out his throat lightly.

“You have nothing to worry about. I knew things would turn out this way in advance… well, it just happened much earlier than I thought.”
“That’s right, Cristea. Your Otousama told me that we would be called over sooner or later. It was certainly shockingly early, but isn’t it better than worrying about getting exposed?”

I thought I would be scolded, but their simple replies were anticlimactic.

“Teacher Neil was waiting at the academy’s gate… he has enslaved a monster that noticed Kurogane and Mashiro’s identity, so there was nothing I could do…”
“Yeah, I’ve read the rough details in the letter Mrs. Dora sent us. Sending Miria over also seemed to have been proposed by her. We have to thank her later.”
“Yes, her attentiveness really helped us this time.”

Ohh, did I just avoid getting scolded thanks to Mrs. Dora!?
Mrs. Dora, thank you so much!

“However. That… Neil, was it? What’s up with him? To think there would be a teacher like him…”
“Dear, there was a student who often argued with Teacher Marlen about Magic and Sacred Beasts during the Monsterology lessons. Isn’t he the student from that time?”
“Hm?… That reminds me, there was a problem child who caught a small Magic Beast and brought it to the academy. So it was him…”

Uhya~… Teacher Neil, so you were like that during your student days.

“He was obsessed with researching Sacred Beast and Magic Beast, I heard people calling him an oddball who lived in the research building while taking care of the beasts… so he became a teacher, huh. Cristea, make sure to not get too involved with him.”
“… Umm, Teacher Neil is the dorm parent of the special dormitory. I won’t be able to do that.”
“… Him? The dorm parent of the special dormitory?”
“Yes. The Magic Beast and Sacred Beast contractors live in the special dormitory, right? Teacher Neil has been apparently living at the special dormitory by himself for several years now.”
“… Make sure to talk with Mrs. Dora if you have anything you need to consult with. Be careful to not get too close to him as much as possible.”

I’m doing that with all my might already.

“Which reminds me, Otousama. You said that we got permission from Leon-sama earlier, was that all right?”

We would get immediately exposed if Leon-sama denies it at the audience with His Majesty tomorrow.

“No problem. It was Leon-sama’s proposal.”



“Leon-sama came after receiving a report yesterday that an overseas student from Yahatul was a Sacred Beast contractor.”

Leon-sama said: “They will get to know sooner or later. Tell them you have spoken to me. She would be too pitiful to get swept with adult matters at such a young age. I will make sure to shut them up.”
Eh, what’s up with that manly statement. I will fall for you…!

“That being said, I have no intention of pushing it all on Leon-sama. I decided not to report it at my discretion, after all.”

Otousama patted my head while saying so.

“Otousama… I’m sorry for causing such inconvenience, but I will leave it to you.”
“Mmh. Just leave the rest to me and Leon-sama.”

Yay~! This will conclude the report to the country!
While feeling relieved, I heard a squeak from behind.

“… That fellow. Doing something unnecessary.”
“As I thought, I hate that fellow.”

Wha! Negative aura was oozing from Kurogane and Mashiro.

“Now, nownow. Leon-sama was very helpful, wasn’t he? Otousama and I won’t get scolded for keeping quiet about you two.”
“That’s true, but… it’s our duty to make you happy, Lord.”
“Yeah. It’s our duty to work hard for your sake, Cristea.”
“… Thank you. But I know that you two are always doing your best, and I am grateful for that. However, let’s accept Leon-sama’s goodwill this time.”
“… Umu.”
“… Okay.”

Ugh, I really want to comfort them by patting but they are currently in their humanoid forms and my parents are here too.
I have to brush them thoroughly later to cheer them up.
When we left the elevator, Otousama and Okaasama proceeded through a different hallway than the one I came through, so while following them curiously, we arrived at an extravagant-looking hall.
The one I came through is probably an entrance for authorized people, while this one is for guests and visitors. When we came out of the hall, I saw our family’s carriage was parked in the carriage porch.


Miria stood behind the door, so when I rushed over to her without thinking, she cheerfully smiled at me.

“Cristea-sama, you must have been troubled.”
“Yes, but it will surely be all right now. With you here, I feel reassured.”
“I am also delighted to be able to stay by your side.”

Miria and I laughed together and got into the carriage.

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