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Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat ~ The Reincarnated 3rd Prince Wants to Develop his Kingdom! ~ Rebuilding a Weak Kingdom Sandwiched Between Two Powerful Countries!
Author: 潮ノ海月
The Kingdom of Critonia, sandwiched between the two major powers of the Bardhain Empire to the east and the Elfast Magic Kingdom to the west, is a neutral state that serves as a buffer between the two nations. Although agriculture thrives and grain is abundant, Critonia lacks the technological prowess to develop its economy, forcing it to endure harassment from both major powers.

A year ago, His Majesty the King, the Father of the protagonist, fell ill with an unknown disease, and Crown Prince Roland, the protagonist’s elder brother, took on the responsibility of governing the country as regent. Inexperienced and weary of unfamiliar political duties, Crown Prince Roland often vents his frustrations to the protagonist, Ian, in his room.

In addition to Crown Prince Roland, there are Princess Emilia, the first Royal princess, and Prince Adel, the second Royal prince. Currently, within the kingdom, tensions have escalated into a struggle for succession between the supporters of Crown Prince Roland and those of Prince Adel, dividing the nobility into factions.

This story is about Ian, the third prince, utilizing his knowledge from his previous life in Japan, collaborating with his siblings and involving those around him to rise to power and transform the small, weak country caught between the two major powers into a great nation.
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