Chapter 590.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Isn’t it too soon!?
“My best friend’s cousin was crying, saying she was betrayed by you, so I couldn’t just stand by. Oh, that poor girl.”
“Me betraying your friend’s cousin…? What are you talking about?”

Huh? A close friend’s cousin? She doesn’t even seem to know them, they must be practically strangers, right?
Alicia-sama seemed to have the same doubt, but before she could question further, the senior student continued, ignoring her suspicious reaction, and maintaining a solemn expression.

“That girl considered you a dear friend, yet you easily switched sides to the enemy. How could you do such a terrible thing?”
“… I have no idea what you are talking about.”

As Alicia-sama maintained her composed demeanor without averting her gaze from the senior student, the senior sighed ostentatiously.

“Sigh… Even though you were chosen as the Crown Prince’s fiancée candidate, it’s embarrassing to fawn over a rival young lady. I couldn’t do something so shameful.”

What’s going on!?
When did Alicia-sama ever fawn over anyone!?
Alicia-sama just apologized for her misunderstanding and attitude, and once the misunderstanding was cleared up, we became friends, that’s all!
Feeling outraged and about to intervene, I was stopped by Mariel-chan.

“Cristea-san, let’s wait a little longer and see how things unfold.”
“Why? Why should I stay silent when Alicia-sama is being insulted because of me?”
“Because, Cristea-san, you’re about to charge in with no plan, right?”

Feeling deflated after being hit with the truth, I stayed put.

“As Miss Mariel suggested, let’s wait and see for now.”

Sei, who had been quietly observing the situation behind us, agreed with Mariel’s opinion.

“Sei, you should go ahead…”


Even though it would be a detour, taking a different route should still allow us to make it to class on time.
It wouldn’t be fair to involve Sei, a male student and an exchange student, in the petty squabbles of us noble children.

“I can’t just leave this situation unattended. If necessary, I’ll pretend I don’t know anything when it comes down to it.”

S-So reliable!

Without noticing my moved state, the senior student continued speaking.

“So you see? I advised them to end any association with a person like you!”

At this point, even I, who can be quite slow, understood that “those girls” referred to Alicia-sama’s entourage.

This is despicable.
Regardless of their status as entourage, to forcibly separate childhood friends from Alicia-sama and deliberately inform her of it…
It just feels like pure malice aimed at hurting Alicia-sama.
Feeling worried, I looked at Alicia-sama, who was facing the senior students without flinching.

“I have not betrayed any of my dear friends.”
“W-What nonsense…”
“I simply followed my beliefs, corrected my mistakes, and apologized. As a result, I gained new friends, but that is not betrayal.”

Alicia-sama, answering firmly without averting her gaze from the senior students, looked cool.
The senior student, incensed by Alicia-sama’s attitude, shouted.

“What…! Becoming acquainted with the Repulsive food eating lady is nothing short of betrayal!”

Oh, they’re still not letting go of that Repulsive food eating lady thing?
Even though I have been working hard on various grassroots activities through Mariel-chan’s family’s Mayor Company, is this considered a clear weakness of mine that rivals can exploit? That’s probably why.
But if they’re going to say all this, I can’t just stay silent anymore, can I?

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