Chapter 590.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Isn’t it too soon!?
The next morning, we finished preparing ourselves and left the special dormitory.

“Cristea-san, I’m sorry. It’s all because I’m such a coward…”

Mariel-chan apologized to me with a look of remorse for pushing me to warn Alicia-sama.

“No, don’t worry about it. Considering the content, it seems better if I talk to her.”

Even though we had become friends, it was undoubtedly difficult for Mariel-chan, a rising noblewoman, to advise Alicia-sama, a high-ranking noble, on factional disputes and conflicts among fiancé candidates. Even with information from Ruby, in this case, it was more likely that I would be listened to.

As I explained briefly to Sei about my conversation with Ruby last night while heading to the classroom, I saw Alicia-sama walking a little ahead.

“Oh, over there is Alicia-sama… Hmm? She seems a bit different.”

“Yes, you’re right… Oh!”

Mariel-chan, agreeing with my words, seemed to notice something.

“What? Did something happen to Alicia-sama?”

“No, it’s just that usually there are other young ladies surrounding Alicia-sama, but this morning she’s alone…”

“Huh? … You’re right.”

Most of Alicia-sama’s entourage were from Class A, so although she was in the special class, their classrooms were different, so they were supposed to walk together until the fork in the road. However, Alicia-sama was heading to the classroom alone.


“Eh, could this be intentional? Were the young ladies in her entourage not really Alicia-sama’s friends?”

As I inadvertently voiced my thoughts while watching Alicia-sama’s back, Mariel-chan also looked at Alicia-sama with sympathy.

“I do think they are her friends. But there’s also the possibility that they’re following orders from upperclassmen or keeping their distance out of fear of harassment…”

Ah, I see. That could be the case too.
Okaasama also mentioned being harassed when she was a candidate for the current King’s fiancée during her school days.
Ah, nobility can be so troublesome.

To end up alone like this because of such things.
Yet, Alicia-sama, without lowering her gaze, stood tall and walked confidently towards the classroom without hesitation.

If it were me, I would definitely be feeling down like, “I don’t want to go to school…” in this situation, but seeing Alicia-sama’s dignified figure even in such circumstances, I thought, “She’s strong…”

“Let’s go meet up with Alicia-sama and head to the classroom together.”
“Yes, that sounds like a good idea!”

Mariel-chan and I nodded to each other, adjusted our belongings, and started to walk briskly, but just then, someone blocked Alicia-sama’s path, causing her to stop.


Several female students who were clearly older than us were blocking Alicia-sama’s path.
They’re already taking action!? Isn’t that too soon!?
Mariel-chan and I hurriedly made our way to the scene.

“… Good morning, seniors. Could you please let me through?”
“Oh my, we have business with you, Alicia-sama?”
“What do you need?”

Alicia-sama faced the senior students with a composed demeanor, without showing any signs of distress, even as they smirked.
Observing Alicia-sama’s behavior, I thought it might not be wise for us to intervene here, so we stopped a little distance away, trying to position ourselves where we were slightly out of the senior students’ direct line of sight to gauge the situation.

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