Chapter 419.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Explaining to the Headmaster.
“Neil-kun, calm down. I see, Leon-sama knows, and he even visited you…”
“My daughter spent most of her life in our fief without ever getting involved with other nobles because of her vast magical power. It’s inevitable that my daughter would attract the attention of ambitious nobles now that she had contracted Sacred Beasts on top of that. I appealed with Leon-sama to keep it under the wraps at least until she enrolls in the academy.”

Otousama is spewing deceit so fluently… but, he isn’t lying whatsoever.

“Until the enrollment? Why is that?”

Headmaster seemed to have questions about Otousama’s explanation.

“Once she enrolls in the academy, she can’t avoid engaging with other nobles, even if they are children. However, this academy isn’t a total aristocratic society. In here, the academy has the obligation to protect its students, and even the country shouldn’t be able to interfere. While studying here, my daughter would learn to form connections with other nobles and find her way to her future. I plan on helping and watching her over from the outside in the meanwhile.”

Just watching over, right?
You don’t mean doing weird secret maneuvering by helping, right…?
I was greatly concerned about the degree of Otousama’s “helping and watching over.”

“Hmm, I see what you mean… how about you, Miss Cristea?”

Me? What about me?

“Can I take it that you agree with Lord Duke’s statement?”
“Eh, uh, umm… yes. I think I would like to explore my future prospects while attending the academy.”

I had concerned myself with entering a school, so as Otousama said, I have to properly consider my future.
Of course, being the Crown Princess candidate is absolutely out of question.

“I see. I shall report that to His Majesty. Are you fine with that, Duke?”
“Naturally. It would be difficult to hold an audience today, so I will make sure to make space for tomorrow.”
“Understood. Will you be accompanying us, Miss Cristea?”
“N, no, I…”

Don’t want to do something so troublesome.
When I tried to decline, Teacher Neil raised his hand.

“Then, I will take you there!”
“Neil-kun, I’m going so there’s no need for you to go with her. Besides, Miss Cristea doesn’t seem to want to go.”
“Ehh!? You are not going even though you could meet with Leon-sama!?”

I cannot believe it! Teacher Neil was looking at me like that, but I have no inclination of reporting to His Majesty or meeting with Leon-sama again, okay?


“… There’s no reason for our Lord to meet with another Sacred Beasts. Neil, don’t be saying anything unnecessary.”
“Yeah, yeah. Cristea already has us, she doesn’t need Leon or anyone else!”

Kurogane, Mashiro! Be obedient!?

“… The two gentlemen seem against you meeting with Leon-sama.”
“… I’m sorry. The desire to monopolize of Sacred Beasts is very strong, so they dislike their master approaching another Sacred Beasts.”

When I apologized to Headmaster, Kurogane nodded in agreement.

“Correct. The people who won’t follow my Lord’s will won’t be forgiven. To protect our Lord, we shall fight Leon if necessary. Even if it means burning this country down to ashes. You better remember that.”

When Kurogane looked at Teacher Neil with coercion, Teacher shut his eyes with a start.

“… I see. I shall report that to His Majesty too.”
“Do as you see fit. We only want to make sure that our Lord is at peace of mind.”
“… We will excuse ourselves then. I will arrange the audience with His Majesty for tomorrow… right, let’s do it in the afternoon. I will let you know the precise time later. Cristea, we will send you to your dormitory. Miria is waiting for you.”

Otousama and Okaasama stood up from their seats and started leaving the room after parting with the Headmaster, so I followed them in a hurry.

“Ah! Take me with you..”

Teacher Neil tried to follow in panic but was stopped by Teacher Marlen’s hand on his shoulder.

“Now, now, Neil, it has been a while since I last saw you. Why don’t we have a chat?”
“Eh? Umm, that, I…”

Teacher Marlen sent me a wink and understood that he stopped Teacher Neil for my sake, so like a spoiled child, I left the Headmaster’s office hurriedly.

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