Chapter 419.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Explaining to the Headmaster.
Everyone here paid attention as the Headmaster cleared his throat and started speaking with a gentle smile on his face.

“Now then, the reason I had summoned everyone here, is as everyone is surely aware, is the appearance of a new contractor. Miss Cristea, you are a Sacred Beast contractor, yes?”
“… Yes.”
“Moreover, multiple contracts… is it the two gentlemen behind you?”
“Yes. This is Fenrir Kurogane and Holy Bear Mashiro.”
“Oh my, a Fenrir and Holy Bear…! We had not received any word from the country that a contractor would be enrolling in the academy this year. That can only mean that this matter has not been reported to the country. Miss Cristea, why is it that you have not made a report to the country even though you possess such powerful Sacred Beasts?”

Taking a glance at Otousama and confirming that he nodded, I cleared my throat and started talking.
Because I have kept it secret that Byakko-sama was the one who introduced the two to me, I told the tearjerker story I once told while consulting with Otousama and Tirie-san.

“I see… so that’s it. However, isn’t it different to neglect the obligation you have of reporting a Sacred Beast contract to the country?”

… Right~ As I thought, I can’t deceive someone so important.

“There are no problems regarding that.”

Just as I tried to make up excuses, Otousama suddenly spoke up.

“Fumu, what do you mean by no problems? Neglecting to make a report is the responsibility of the guardian and depending on the situation, one could be treated as a rebel. You are aware of that, no?”
“T, that can’t be…”

Even though I just wanted to be a little selfish and be secretive, to think I would be causing trouble to Otousama…!
I shifted my gaze to Otousama with my face paling, but the person in question wasn’t panicking at all as his glabella creased only a little.

“… There’s no such thing as starting a rebellion. It has been doing its job for a long time now, starting anything would be pointless. Looking after it is so bothersome in the first place, who would want to do something so troublesome as stealing a country from it?”


Otousamaaa! That’s disrespectful! Don’t be stating lese majeste so casuallyyy!
You cannot address His Majesty as “it”!

“… I know that you have been on good terms with His Majesty since you were a child, but don’t make such misleadings statements in front of other people.”

The Headmaster advises Otousama with a bitter smile.

“… I will try.”
“Fuuh, and so? What did you mean that there are no problems?”
“Leon-sama is already aware of this matter. I judged that there was no need to report about it any further.”
“Eh! Sacred Beast Leon-sama!? Lord Duke, you were able to meet Sacred Beast Leon-sama!? Isn’t Sacred Beast Leon-sama protecting the country from within a hidden room in the palace!? Do you mean to say that you had an opportunity to meet with him!?”

While Headmaster reacted curiously, Teacher Neil promptly stood up and fired rapid questions at Otousama.
Teacher Neil… you are way too rude!
Rather, what about Leon-sama?
Leon-sama wasn’t leading such a shut-in style of life when I met him, though!?
He even came to play to our home and brought meat skewers he bought from a food stall, alright?
Rather, he lives so freely I worry about our country’s future, you know!?
I mean, I think you have a good chance of meeting him in the downtown, Teacher Neil…
Oh… Otousama’s glabella creased deeply… oh crap, his displeasure bar got filled to the MAX!

“Stop right there, Neil-kun. I know that you have a keen interest in Sacred Beast Leon-sama, but now is not the time. I will have you exit from the room otherwise.”
“Y, yes…”

Teacher Neil who was warned by the Headmaster sat back on the sofa dejectedly. But he kept stealing glances at Otousama, so he didn’t seem to have given up…

“Returning back to the topic. You mean to say that Sacred Beast Leon-sama is aware of this?”
“Correct. Besides, Leon-sama had already met my daughter and the two Sacred Beasts. Since the royal palace doesn’t seem to know about it yet, it means that Leon-sama’s did not intend on telling anyone else.”
“Eh? Leon-sama’s!?”

Teacher Neil’s gaze instantly shifted from Otousama to me. I have a bad feeling of being interrogated by Teacher Neil after this, though!?
Rather, Otousama? Aren’t you pushing all the responsibility on Leon-sama!? I mean, Leon-sama certainly did promise me to keep it a secret, but to say it was Leon-sama’s intention…

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