Chapter 422

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Back at the dormitory!
In the meantime, we’ve arrived at the special dormitory.
After unloading Miria’s luggage from the carriage, Otousama and Okaasama went straight back to the mansion.
“Be careful about the people around you.” Leaving this sentence behind…

“… W, well then Miria, let’s go inside! Kurogane, Mashiro, can you carry the luggage?”

The two lifted up the trunk and the Boston bag placed at the entrance and entered the dormitory with me.

“U… umm, thank you very much.”

Miria thanked the two nervously and followed after us.
It has been decided only yesterday in a hurry that Miria will be coming here, so she brought only the necessities.
I wish I had more goodies in my Inventory.
After Miria and Kaguya registered their magical powers with the room, Kaguya who was finally released from the basket stretched our and shook her body.

(Hah~ good grief, I’m finally free.)

Kaguya seemed concerned about the state of the new home, so she started looking around as she pleased.
Leaving Kaguya to calm down on her own, I decided to show Miria around.

“… And so, this will be your room.”

I went around explaining the facilities one by one, and took Miria to her room.
Kurogane and Mashiro said they don’t need their own rooms, so they vacated the room for Miria. “Oh my! It’s such a waste for me to have such a splendid room.” Her servant’s heart went off.
I somehow managed to persuade her, so she will be living with us. Good grief…
We put Miria’s luggage into her room and because she had unpacking to do, I told her to take it easy and went to my room, but after a while, Miria who had changed into her usual dress came in bringing tea.

“Geez, Miria. You should have unpacked slowly…”
“I did not bring many things. Thank you for your consideration.”

Miria smiled cheerfully.
She’s a diligent person, so she’s surprisingly stubborn at times like this.
I’m sure she’s going to do the unpacking after I fall asleep.
Deciding to go to the bed a little earlier today, I received a cup of tea from her.

“Fufu, I’m happy to be able to drink tea brewed by you over here as well.”

The tea brewed by Teacher Neil yesterday was too devastating, so my mood was fluffy as I drank the usual yummy tea.

“My, thank you so much. I also felt lonely when I thought I couldn’t take care of you anymore, so I am very happy that I can accompany you to the academy like this, Cristea-sama.”

Oh geez, Miria, you are making me bashful.
As we giggled together, Kaguya who seemed satisfied by her room check came over, and started to relax by the sunny window.

(Good grief. I was wondering what I should do after you left me behind, but I did not think I would be coming over so soon…)

Kaguya yawned after speaking, looking very sleepy.

“I do think it was wrong of me leaving you behind, Kaguya. But even though we are contracted, it’s not like I could bring a Magic beast along. Moreover, you are now in this black cat form. Bringing pets to the academy is strictly prohibited.”
(Who is a pet! You know, I might have shrunk to this size for now, but I am a proud Magic beast!)


Fusha~! Her angry appearances resembled a cat no matter how you looked at her. Thank you very much.

“Sheesh, I’m sorry… but since Otousama said that you can bring Kaguya with you, it means there will be no problems if she lives with us here, no?”
“Yes, that’s what Master said. Kaguya was clinging to me and I couldn’t get her off and that’s when Master told me it was fine for me to bring her with me. That’s when she finally separated from me.”
“Heeh… Kaguya, you were feeling that lonely?”

When I looked at Kaguya with a grin, (Hmph!) she averted her gaze.

(I, I also have the right to receive your magical power! It’s only natural for this lass to bring me along!)

Her tail banged against the floor. (You better punish yourself today by making me a luxurious meal!), she curled up and turned her gaze away again.

“Ah… right. About the food…”
“Yes. Would you like me to accompany you to the dining room?”
“No. I was told to stay at the dormitory until the opening ceremony, so we get food at one of the conference rooms at the moment. The food is stored in an item box, and we are supposed to eat that.”
“Is that so? I will go get it for you then.”
“Yeah, but…”

As I spoke with hesitation, Miria immediately got the idea.

“The menu of the academy cafeteria doesn’t suit your tastes, huh.”
“… That’s about right…”

Listening to this conversation alone could make me sound like a spoiled young lady, but that’s not it, okay?
Considering the general level of food of the whole kingdom then the food here can be considered luxurious, but it’s that, you know. My taste buds are different since I awakened the memories of my past life.
The circumstances should have improved from before, but… it’s probably only the nobility and restaurants who bought my recipes, no?
Well, since everyone was satisfied with the dishes up until now, they might have not thought of going out of their way to improve the meals.

“If possible, I would like to eat what I have been eating until now, but that would be difficult, wouldn’t it…?”

It’s not possible for me to continue eating those kinds of meals. I guess I have to reduce the amount of food I eat as much as possible, so I can fill myself back in my room…

“… If I recall correctly, the meals of the Sacred beasts is supposed to be arranged personally by the contractors, no?”
“Eh? Yeah. The academy will apparently secure the ingredients. Mashiro and Kurogane eat the same as I do, so they serve us the same thing.”
“It’s not good, though.”
“Umu, Lord’s food is supreme. I don’t think we want to bother eating that kind of food, but we are following Lord since she’s enduring it.”

Awawa… they were really enduring it, after all. I’m sorry, both of you.

(Haah!? Are you saying I won’t be able to eat your food? I did not come here to eat bad food, you know!?)

The sulking Kaguya also protested.
No, it’s not like you have to eat with us, Kaguya.
After all, Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama are having their meals with us, so wouldn’t you be scared silly?
Of course, seeing Kaguya meow, meow in protest, Miria spoke up.

“In the first place, Kurogane-sama’s and Mashiro-sama’s meals are prepared by you personally, so wouldn’t it be all right to continue doing so over here?”

Is that okay to do?

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