Chapter 423

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Is it possible to do over here too?
It would be certainly for the best if we could make our meals ourselves as we were doing until now…

“But, the academy is a place where you learn about social life, so wouldn’t it be strange of me to be the only one who does things differently? I might have entered the special dormitory before I could enter the girls’ dormitory, but either way, it’s not like I can selfishly say that I want to cook my own meals, no?”

And that’s why I have an emergency stockpile in my inventory.
Since the noble young ladies are allowed to hold tea parties, bringing tea and sweets to the academy is allowed.
Well, I don’t think there are people like me who are carrying meals such as Orc soup and dorayaki around, but they are hidden in my inventory so no one can find fault with me.
I was secretly thinking that I could invite Mariel-chan and Sei’s group for a cup of tea.
But, I’m worried that if I will be suspected if I eat my food in the dormitory without preparing it.
Moreover, there’s only Teacher Neil and Sei’s group with me in this special dormitory.
Teacher Neil would immediately notice that we weren’t eating the arranged meals, and Byakko-sama would find out right away that we are eating a stockpiled food in secret, so I cannot act like it’s nothing.

“Yes, you are normally not allowed to have your meals prepared separately. However, wouldn’t you be allowed to cook under the pretext of having to cook for the Sacred Beasts?”
“Eh? You think so?”
“It’s extremely rare for a Duke’s daughter to be preparing meals by herself, but if that were for the sake of the Sacred Beasts… it’s already common knowledge among the nobles that you cook anyway.”

… Yeah, right. It’s too late to be worried about that.
Even if it brings me a bad reputation, I have a good, persuasive reason to cook now.

“… Cristea-sama, may I leave you for just a moment? I will consult with Mrs. Dora. I will be in her care from now on, so I would like to greet her too.”
“Ah, right. It must have been a while since you have seen her, right? You will need a gift then. Bring this with you.”

I took out dorayaki from my inventory and handed it over to Miria.

“Thank you so much! Mrs. Dora is extremely fond of sweets, so she will be surely pleased.”

After saying that, Miria prepared herself before heading to Mrs. Dora.

(It would be nice if you could cook over here too.)

Mashiro, who returned to his Sacred Beast form sat next to me, so I took out a brush from the inventory and started brushing him.

“Indeed, that would be nice. But, even if we don’t get permission, we can use the room’s mini-kitchen to cook, so it will be fine.”
(If you like, I could talk with the academy directly that I want to eat Lord’s homemade food?)

Kurogane who was waiting for his turn lied down at my feet.

“Oh my, I have plenty of food for you guys in the inventory, so you don’t have to go out of your way to do that. Besides, Miria wouldn’t say something like that without any basis, so she will surely bring good news back.”

I continued the brushing leisurely, waiting for Miria’s return.


“I have returned.”

Miria returned just as I was finishing brushing Kaguya.

“Welcome back, Miria! How did it go?”

Miria smiled softly at me who stood up and welcomed her as if I was impatiently awaiting her return.

“Mrs. Dora was greatly pleased with the dorayaki. When I consulted with her after that, she told me it wouldn’t be a problem if it’s to take care of the Sacred Beasts.”
“Really? Yay!”

Miria reservedly interrupted me who was cheering up.

“However, she said it won’t be possible to use the main kitchen. The ingredients will be arranged if you apply for them, however…”
“That’s good enough! Thank you!”
“Umm… in that case, where do you plan on cooking? Isn’t the kitchen over here too small?”
“Eh? I don’t think so… oh, but you will be using it too, right? What do we do?”

Miria came here to take care of me, and the mini-kitchen is a place where she will occasionally do her work, so it’s not like I can occupy it for myself. I thought all will be good as long as I get permission to cook. What do we do now…?
Hmm, while in deep thoughts, Miria called out to me timidly.

“You don’t need to worry about me, but… umm, I heard from Mrs. Dora that the special dormitory also has its own kitchen.”
“It’s own kitchen?”
“Yes. However, the dormitory has been under Teacher Neil’s management until now, so…”
“I see, Teacher Neil doesn’t cook, so he probably never used it before, huh. Hmm, that means we will need to clean it first…”

Even if its a bit dusty, I hope it’s only to the extent that Clear magic could take care of it.
Ah right, the equipment there is most likely old just like the mini-kitchen here, so I will have to ask Otousama to donate some.

“E, erm. That kitchen… is currently being used as a dismantling room by Teacher Neil.”
“… Eh? Dismantling… room?”
“Yes. It’s a dismantling room for the bait Teacher Neil uses to capture Magic beasts with… It seems that Teacher Neil appealed with the academy in the past and received permission…”

Oh, I feel that he mentioned something about the dismantling room before!
I totally forgot because of the mess that happened.

“You will be able to use it if you manage to evict Teacher Neil, otherwise…”
“I, is that so…”

Just imagining “Teacher Neil’s dismantling room” made me think of an exaggerated splatter. Bleh.
I can’t imagine that a person who brews tea that way would keep the kitchen clean…
Will I be able to use it even if I manage to evict him?
I, is this going to be all right…?

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