Chapter 424

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Hoping to see you.
“I’m happy to receive permission, but to think the kitchen turned into a dismantling room… how troubling.”

If you want to dismantle in this special dormitory then the kitchen would be probably your best choice as it is easy to clean, but if you want to dismantle monsters, then I’m sure there’s a hut in the courtyard or something that he could have used instead. I’m worried about the kitchen recovery… rather, I’m doubtful whether Teacher Neil would yield it to me in the first place.

“Anyhow, we have to negotiate with Teacher Neil first. The cleaning that we will have to do after that will probably be terrible…”

I wonder whether the kitchen is in a state I can’t even imagine… ugh. I’m worried whether it could be used even after cleaning up.

“I will do my best at cleaning it, so don’t you worry. You do your best at the negotiations, Cristea-sma… oh my?”

Just as Miria made a reliable statement, she seemed to notice something behind me, so when I turned back, I saw one of the magic stones on the magic telephone shining.

“This stone is… Teacher Neil?”

Ugeh, speak of the devil. But this is just right, let’s try negotiating.
I touched the shining magic stone and poured magical powers into it.

(Miss Cristea? Are you still with your Father? There are many things I’d like to inquire about the Sacred Beasts.)
“… My parents left immediately after sending me here.”

I replied exhaustedly to the nonchalant Teacher Neil.

(Ehh~!? Is that so!? That’s unfortunate. Would you please convey to him next time that I’d like to talk to him about Leon-sama?)

Guessing by Otousama’s attitude, you won’t have the chance to ask.

“I will convey it to him, but… umm, if that’s all, then…”
(Oh, right! There’s someone wanting to see you. A female student was loitering in front of the dormitory, so when I called out to her, she asked me whether you were in.)
“Eh? A female student wanted to see me?”

Although I was about to negotiate, someone suddenly wants to see me?

(Yeah, was her name Marie or something?)
“Marie?… Ah!”

It’s Mariel-chan!

(Do you know her? We can’t let people simply enter the special dormitory so she’s waiting outside…)
“She’s my friend! Can I bring her inside?”

This special dormitory was an abrupt incident, so I had no time to let Mariel-chan know.

(Sure, but… you can see outside via the security mirror next to the door, so make sure to confirm the person properly first. You can use the lounge.)
“A mirror?”
“Cristea-sama. I know how to use it, so let’s go down first.”
“I got it. Excuse me, I will be hanging up then.”


Miria whispered to me, so after nodding to her, I terminated the connection with Teacher Neil.

“Let’s go, Miria.”

When we hurriedly tried to leave, Mashiro and Kurogane who were relaxing quickly turned into their humanoid forms and followed.

“Mariel came?”
“That reminds me, that lass was also going to enroll in the academy, right?”
“Yeah. We were supposed to be in the same dormitory, but we got transferred here after getting exposed, right? I had no time to let Mariel-san know, so she might have been worried.”

We hurried to the lower floor and arrived at the entrance.
As Teacher Neil said, there was a full-length mirror next to the door. There was a coat hanger next to it, so I thought it was a mirror to simply check your appearances, but it was apparently a security mirror.

“It looks just like a normal mirror, but when you touch this magic stone…”
“Oh… it’s Mariel-san!”

When Miria touched the magic stone that was attached to the right edge of the mirror, it started reflecting the picture outside. What I saw on the other side was Mariel-chan, who was idly looking around the surroundings.


When I opened the door and called out, Mariel-chan embraced me.

“Cristea-saaan! You were here, after all!”

We moved to the lounge while I soothed Mariel-chan who looked as if she was about to cry.

“Nevertheless, you had a good guess that I was here.”

I asked Miria to prepare tea and spoke to Mariel-chan who finally calmed down.

“I mean, I waited for you in the dormitory yet you weren’t coming no matter what, so just as I was getting worried, rumors about two Sacred Beasts contractors with multiple Sacred Beasts started floating around… I was startled that there were two contractors, but I guessed one of those people must be you.”

Ueeh… there are rumors outside already!?
I want to know the extent of the rumors, but I am also afraid to find out…
Miria brought in the tea while I was thinking such, so after receiving it, I told her to go arrange her luggage in the room.
When I gave out cookies to Mariel-chan, Mashiro, and Kurogane, they started eating cheerfully.

“And so, I made my way over to the special dormitory, but I heard that unauthorized people cannot enter, and that was when the dormitory manager spoke to me.”
“That was Teacher Neil. He’s the teacher of Monsterology, and I got exposed right after entering because of the monster he has under control.”
“Is that so… what a disaster.”
“I was expecting to get exposed eventually, but I did not think it would be this early… and so, I was brought here before I could enter the girls’ dormitory. I couldn’t keep up with the rapid development and couldn’t find the opportunity to let you know. I’m sorry for letting you worry…”
“No, there’s nothing you could have done about that. It wasn’t that bad, right? You must be having a difficult time, after all. I should be apologizing for intruding.”
“No, I am sorry, too…”

When we were about to start an apology battle, we looked at each other and burst into laughter.

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