Chapter 425

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A stable fujoshi.
“… Just how unlucky are you?”

When I explained the sequence of events up until now, Mariel-chan looked at me with a sympathetic gaze. Yep, I do believe I was unlucky.

“But, I think it was good that I was moved to the special dormitory before I could settle down in the girls’ dormitory. I can stay here until the entrance ceremony, so I won’t be watched by inquisitive and prying gazes…”

Well, Miria came after my meeting with the Headmaster, so… it was a blessing in disguise?

“Yeah, indeed. If you got exposed at the girls’ dormitory, it would be too obvious that you were moving. However, don’t the noble young ladies already have a hunch that it was you? There are rumors that luggage had been carried out of a room for a high noble, after all.”
“There were some people trying to find out who was leaving, but it seems they couldn’t find out because of a gag order…”
“I, is that so…”

Indeed, people would be wondering why someone’s luggage is being carried out even before the entrance ceremony.

“Anyhow, staying here until the entrance ceremony would be for the best.”
“True, I think so too…”

Just I let out a sigh of lament, the door of the lounge opened.

“… Oh, excuse me. Huh? Aren’t you… Miss Mariel?”
“Eh!? Se, Sesesesei-shama!?”

… She bit her tongue.
She seemed to be startled by Sei’s sudden appearance. She would be naturally startled that he suddenly appeared in the special dormitory where only the contractors reside.

“Sei-sama, why are you here!?”
“Ah, umm… I am a Sacred Beast contractor just like Miss Cristea.”

Mariel-chan was unable to conceal her shock. Well, I understand her feelings.

“Oh? What is it? It’s so noisy in here…”
“What is going on?”

Mariel-chan who saw Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama stick out their faces from behind Sei let out a loud voice.

“Ah… err, they are my contracted Sacred Beasts, Byakko and Suzaku. Tora, Suzaku, she is Miss Mariel. Miss Cristea’s friend.”
“Ou, best regards!”
“I have seen you in the Bastea Company before. My name is Suzaku. I’m pleased to make your acquaintance.”
“Eh… eeehh!? You were Sei-sama’s Sacred Beasts!?”

Hearing that the two people she saw at the Bastea Company were Sei’s Sacred Beasts, her gaze alternated between the three restlessly. Yeah, I find Mariel-chan pitiful for having to be surprised all the time, I’m sorry…

“C, Cristea-saaan…?”

“Have you heard about it before?” Mariel-chan was making such an expression.

“I was really surprised to find Sei-sama here when I entered the special dormitory. Sei-sama was dragged here under the same circumstances as me.”
“Yep, yep. I was startled when I saw Miss Cristea.”

We told her about our “first” meeting here.
I feel guilty hiding our friendship, but Sei has his own circumstances, so… forgive me, Mariel-chan.

“So it’s like that…”


I could immediately tell that Mariel-chan’s face was saying: “How nice! I want to live in here too!” How unfortunate. Only contractors can live here. She would be able to get inside if only she formed a contract…

“Speaking of which, it will be dinner time soon, are you sure you don’t have to go back already?”

Sei said while looking at the clock.

“Eh… ahh! It’s already this late!? I have to go!”

Mariel-chan hurriedly returned to the girls’ dormitory. She made an eye-contact with me, saying: “I will come again! Please keep posted about Sei-sama’s group!”…
Incredible, Mariel-chan shouldn’t be capable of using telepathy, but I seem to understand whatever she’s trying to convey…?
What a terrifying rotten power…!

“Now then~ we should go to have a meal too. Though I don’t feel like eating it.”
“Indeed… that kind of meal is a bit…”

Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama spoke while glancing at me.
Hmm, I seem to be pleaded in a roundabout way…?

“You guys shouldn’t be talking about luxury. Just accept what is given to you.”

“Fuee~i.” and “Indeed, I am sorry.” were the responses to Sei’s reproach as they made their way to room used in place of the dining room.
As I thought, Byakko-sama and others dislike that kind of cooking too.
As expected, I should have Teacher Neil surrender the dismantling room… I mean, the kitchen, so that everyone can enjoy their meals.
As I moved to the dining room, I recalled that I left Miria and Kaguya back in my room.
… That reminds me, Miria knows about Byakko-sama and others, but she doesn’t know that Sei was a boy!
What do I do, should I explain to her?
Realizing that I suddenly stopped, Sei turned around.

“Miss Cristea, what’s the matter?”
“Umm… Miria was sent here to take care of me personally. And so… umm.”
“Ah, that maid, huh…”

Guessing what I was trying to say, he seemed to be pondering about how to handle the situation.

(Oi. Missy. That big-chested lass is here?)

Hey, Byakko-sama!? I was startled by your sudden telepathy, but what’s up with that remark!?

(… Oh, that fellow Neil is waiting in the dining room, so let’s continue via telepathy. I just checked with Sei, but he said it would be fine if you made up something about his family’s circumstances or something.)
(Eh!? But… is that okay?)
(Your big bro was also having his doubts, but it’s just that lass who’s the opponent now. With those looks of hers, I’m sure you won’t be able to keep on deceiving her. You also have a reputation to uphold, so make it a secret to keep between the two of you. That lass won’t do anything to put you in a disadvantage, no? We will talk with her later, so just let me know how you explained things to her.)
(Y… yeah.)

I should probably explain in a roundabout way without mentioning the future Emperor and the Four Divine Beasts, right? Then, I will have to strictly remind her to keep it a secret so that there wouldn’t be a misunderstanding that I was frequently meeting up with a boy… I’m sorry to cause trouble for Sei and Byakko-sama once again.
But, that should be the best for all of us, so I will gratefully accept that proposal.

“N? You let the maid lass wait at you in your room? It would be probably best to inform her about dinner then. Sei, let’s go ahead.”
“Y, yeah…”

When Byakko-sama said that, he pushed the back of Sei who was looking back at me worriedly.
He’s a man after all, even though it was just a disguise, he probably wanted to keep his dressing-up as a woman secret… moreover, if I explain his family situation poorly, I don’t know what kind of influence it will have on our future relationship.
… All right, I have to tell Miria about Sei in a way I won’t inconvenience them! Yep!
I cannot betray their trust!
As soon as I turned around, I heard Byakko-sama’s voice in my head.

(Ah, treat it as a favor from me, so let me eat plenty of delicious food if successful!)

… Byakko-sama continues being a regrettable Sacred Beast!

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