Chapter 426

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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My maid is very capable!
Geez, Byakko-sama’s reason for doing things is always food!
In the first place, what do you mean by a favor? I’m certainly grateful that Teacher Neil won’t ask about the cross-dressing… I mean, Sei would be the one troubled if his disguising got exposed.
Well, I would be happy if I could avoid shameful and misleading situations created by “Often bringing the cross-dressing Sei to my room”…
When I returned to my room with my cheeks pouting in anger, Miria welcomed me back.

“Welcome back, Cristea-sama. It’s about time for dinner, so I was about to leave to meet you at the lounge.”
“Yeah, I was thinking the same, so I’ve come to get you and Kaguya.”

… Safe. We avoided near-missing each other.

“Also… you know, Miria. There’s something I have to tell you before the meal, so I’ve come back first.”
“Something to… tell me? What is it?”

Miria tilted her head puzzledly.

“Erm, there’s another contractor in addition to Teacher Neil and me, but…”
“Yes, it’s Sei-sama, right?”

How does Miria know about it!?
While shocked, Miria smiled.

“I heard that Sei-sama was going to enroll into the academy too and since I knew that Sei-sama was contracted with Byakko-sama and other Sacred Beasts, I guessed she would be living in the special dormitory just like you.”
“Ah… I see, of course.”

Miria knew from the beginning that Sei came to study abroad in the Adelia Academy.
Additionally, she is aware that Byakko-sama and the other three Sacred Beasts… are called Divine Beasts in Yahatul and that Sei was contracted with them, so she would naturally think that he would be placed in the special dormitory as well.
However, she should not know the most important thing. That being “Sei is a boy.”

“Miria, it’s as you expected, but there’s another problem… in fact, Sei is… a boy!”
“… I am aware of that too.”
“… Eh?”
“Of course, I thought he was a girl at first. However, his habitual expressions and gestures were very boyish, so I had my doubts… and watched him carefully.”

Ehhh… even though I only found out when I carelessly used warp magic and saw him in a fundoshi!?

“… You did well finding out.”
“Fufu. My family is very large and I have many younger brothers and sisters, so I somehow managed to figure it out.”
“Is that so…”
“I was troubled at first, but he was dressing up like that to not create any disgraceful rumors about you, no? Besides, I could tell you were very worried about Sei-sama who had to live far away from his homeland, and I believed that nothing strange would happen with Kurogane-sama and Mashiro-sama by your side.”
“Umu. Well said, Miria.”
“Yea! Everything will be fine with us by her side!”

When Miria said such with a smile on her face, Kurogane and Mashiro nodded in agreement. Hey, the two of them can’t seem to conceal their happiness.
Still, Miria’s observation power is amazing.

“… I see. Thank you, Miria.”

She watched over me because she believed in me, didn’t she?

“To tell you the truth, I wanted you to confide with me earlier. I felt lonely being left out.”
“Auu… I’m sorry. I tried to keep the matter about Sei secret, so I did not consult with anyone.”


I apologized in a panic to Miria who suddenly showed a sorrowful expression.

“Fufu, I know. You have made a promise to your friend, right? I love that gentle side of you, Cristea-sama.”
“Gee… Miria. I’m sorry and thank you.”

Feeling relieved that Miria was smiling roguishly, I apologized and thanked her again, and told her that Sei had to disguise like that because of his family’s circumstances, and also told her that I informed Oniisama that the girl I met back in the fief was Sei’s younger cousin.

“Understood. Nevertheless, I’m happy for you.”
“You are able to spend your time at school with a good friend of yours. I believe that the time spent as a student with your closest friends is invaluable.”

After Miria said smilingly, she urged us to go have dinner.

“Yeah, that’s right… you are right.”

Sei, Byakko-sama and the rest, and also Mariel-chan. I am looking forward to my school life.
I skipped excitedly towards the dining room.

(Stop right there!)

A small, black shadow held me back.

“What is it, Kaguya. Let’s go eat, alright?”
(Let’s go eat, not! You are saying that those Divine Beasts are in this building!? I did not hear about this.)
“Eh… I mean, you knew that Sei and others were going to the academy, no? I did not think we would be placed in the same dormitory, though.”
(Ahh, geez! If things are like this, I should have waited back in the mansion! As if I could live in the same building with those scary things!)

Ahh… come to think of it, Kaguya was considerably afraid of Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama.
She disappeared to hide somewhere the moment they stepped into our house back at the fief.

“Now, now. Don’t call them scary. It would be better to take this opportunity and improve your relationship with them. Well then, let’s go.”
(I’m telling you I don’t want to go! I won’t take a step out of here!)

Saying that, Kaguya quickly fled to my room.

“Sheesh… you don’t have to be so afraid. It cannot be helped then. Let’s give Kaguya a meal from my emergency storage later.”

She definitely hid somewhere under the bed or behind the furniture, so thinking that forcing her out would be too cruel, I gave up and left the room.

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