Chapter 427

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I have to win!
We left Kaguya in my room and headed to the meeting room that was used in place of the dining room.
When we entered, Teacher Neil and Sei’s group were already eating, so I decided to introduce Miria first.

“Everyone, this is Miria who will be taking care of me starting today, please treat her kindly.”
“I am Miria. It’s nice to meet you.”

Teacher Neil who looked at Miria’s deeply bowing face suddenly noticed something.

“Best regards… huh? Aren’t you a graduate of a few years ago? I remember a student who was unusually on good terms with Mrs. Dora.”
“Yes, Mrs. Dora took great care of me.”

Ohh, for Teacher Neil who is absorbed in Sacred Beast and Magic Beast research to remember someone, Mrs. Dora might not actually be a very friendly person.
When I tried to take out the food from the item box, Miria said “I will do it,” and urged me to take a seat.
Hmm… even though this is normal for nobles, this is the student dormitory, so I would like to do what I can by myself. When is Miria going to eat? It will turn out into that.
… I will have to talk to Miria later about this.

“By the way, Miss Cristea. You have worked hard today.”
“Ah… it is I who should be thanking you for accompanying me today.”

Having forgotten to thank Teacher Neil, I hurriedly replied with words of gratitude.

“Nono, I only tagged along, after all. I’d be happy if you informed your father that I would love to talk to him on another opportunity.”

… It’s that, right?
He is talking about discussing Leon-sama, no? That’s probably not possible.

“Y… yeah, I will make sure to tell my father. It’s just that father is a very busy person, so I’m not sure whether he will have time to meet you…”

… Otousama is barricaded in his office most of the time, so I’m not sure something like this could be realized.

“A Duke like him would be busy. Well, I just want to see whether there’s a possibility.”
“O, okay…”

I have to emulate Teacher Neil’s mental strength…
Oh, yes. We have to talk about the kitchen.

“Umm, speaking of Mrs. Dora, I heard there’s a kitchen in the special dormitory, but…”
“I would like to use the kitchen.”
“… Is there something you want to dismantle?”


“No, I want to use the kitchen to cook.”

Enduring my urge to interject, I replied with a smile.


“You want it for Miria-kun’s use? Err… I think I mentioned it before, but right now…”
“It’s used as a dismantling room, right? We are aware. When I consulted with Mrs. Dora, she told me to tell you to vacate it.”

Ehhhh!? Not, geez!
It’s a kitchen to begin with, okay!

“I would be troubled if I can’t use it as a dismantling room, though…”

Teacher Neil was scratching his head and looked troubled. But if we have a kitchen, we’d love to use it.
Normally the kitchen has a proper drainage system and plumbing to make it easy to clean, so it would be costly to build it from scratch.
I can understand why it’s the best place to use as a dismantling room in that respect, but…

“We used to use the backyard as a dismantling site at our residence, is that not possible here?”
“It would be troubling if the students caused a ruckus because of that.”

Certainly. But, this is not the place where ordinary students can come to, no?

“Isn’t the back of this dormitory out of sight?”

Kurogane who was watching from the side suddenly spoke up.

“Eh? Err, yeah, it’s not impossible. But, I would be troubled on rainy days…”
“If so, you just have to build a roof to keep the rain out.”

Kurogane sternly pointed out as Teacher Neil mumbled.

“Ah~ yes, roof, yeah. I wonder how much that would cost…?”
“In that case, we will make a contribution!”

Yes! I replied immediately.
Even if it’s not a complete shed, it would be enough to keep out the wind and rain, and I think I can manage with the pocket money I’ve earned from my recipes.
If I wanted to, I could make a wall and a roof with earth magic!

“Ehhh… yeah, okay. Understood.”

Teacher Neil was being stared at by Kurogane and Mashiro, so Teacher Neil’s dismantling room will get turned back to the kitchen.

“Well then, Teacher Neil. Please clean up your dismantling equipment as soon as possible, okay?”
“Eh~… yes. I will do my best.”

I’m sorry to see Teacher Neil crumble under the pressure of the black and white, but we did it!
Sei who was watching our conversation in silence was smiling wryly, while Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama were looking at me with smiles plastered on their faces, but let’s not mind it…

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