Chapter 428

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Saintess… Saintess?
“Well then Teacher Neil, please clear the kitchen as soon as you can.”

I chuckled and reminded Teacher Neil as he finished his meal and was about to leave his seat.

“… I will handle it.”

Oh, he averted his gaze.
Mumumu… noticing that I was staring at Teacher Neil, Kurogane tapped the table with his finger.

“Neil, you better fullfil our Lord’s wish as soon as possible. Lord’s wishes are our wishes.”
“True that. If you don’t hurry it up, I’m going to burn it all myself, you know?”
“… Yes!”

Being reminded by Mashiro as well, Teacher Neil gave a very good reply as he realized he cannot offend the two Sacred Beasts.
… Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama were nodding in agreement… I will pretend I didn’t see that.
I wonder if those two have no intention of keeping it secret.

As Teacher Neil gingerly left, Byakko-sama set up a barrier around the dining room.
He’s doing things so spontaneously as always, doesn’t he!?

“Missy~! Gimme something good to eat!”

Byakko-sama who was sitting opposite to us extended his hands as he prostrated on the table.
You have no intention to consider our situation after I explained Miria the situation huh, Byakko-sama?

“Tora, will you stop it already!”

Sei swiftly struck Byakko-sama’s head with an iron-ribbed fan. L, looks painfu…

“You are always and always… after causing Miss Cristea so many troubles too…”
“Buuut, weren’t we eating this bad food all this time? I also heard you sighing about it, you know?”
“…! Shut up!”
“Owowow! I’m just telling the truth.”

The expression on Sei’s face changed a color a little after being exposed by Byakko-sama, so he retaliated by rubbing the iron-ribbed fan against Byakko-sama’s head. Ouch, that looks so painful…

“He is right though, aren’t you also fed up with the food here, my Lord? The feathers of mine I am so proud of are going to dry up because of my bad eating habits…”

Suzaku-sama said dejectedly while touching her flaming-like red hair.
… Those are not feathers, right? Eh? No way are those really feathers?

“R, rather than that! I would like to apologize to Miria-dono for deceiving you until now! Even though I had my circumstances, I’m truly sorry for keeping silent about my real gender!”

Sei promptly stood up and lowered his head to Miria.
Miria was startled by his sudden actions, but she quickly pulled herself up together and straightened his posture.

“You need not apologize to me. I was told earlier by Cristea-sama that there were deeper reasons for this and that you had no other choice. Besides, Cristea-sama seemed to be enjoying herself very much on the days you visited. I knew that a person like you wouldn’t have ill intentions.”

Miria said as she smiled.
… Our Miria is an angel… no, a Saintess? She might be a Goddess, actually.
I need to contact Otousama and appeal to him to raise her salary in the name of offering.

“Thank you… we will be companions living in this dormitory together, so let’s get along in the future.”

Sei said with a relieved expression.

“You must be inconvenienced being so far away from your homeland. I will assist you with anything I can.”
“I will be thankfu-…”
“However. This is a matter of reputation now, so could you please keep an honorable distance? May you never cause Cristea-sama to feel sad or troubled.”

Miria kept her Saintess’s smile plastered on her face, but… what is this, this pressure.
It feels like “You better not lay your dirty hands on my child, you hear?” or something…

“Y, yes. Of course.”

Byakko-sama was grinning for some reason on the side while Sei was replying with a cramped face. What a bad smile…


“Byakko-sama too.”
“Huh? Eh?”

Miria pointed her smiling spear at Byakko-sama.
Affected by the pressure, Byakko-sama reseated himself on the chair.

“Please do not cause trouble for Cristea-sama, I sincerely ask you… yes, sincerely, okay?”
“O… ou.”

The power of Miria overwhelmed Byakko-sama.
… Miria-san? Huh? You are a Saintess… right… right?

When I asked Miria later, she said: “Byakko-sama resembled my unreasonable siblings very much, so I did it unconsciously… yes.”
Miria, you are actually scary when angry… I also have to be careful.

I felt sympathetic to the two who got apprehended by Miria’s power, so I asked her to brew us tea, and I served some desserts and pudding.

“Ohh!? Isn’t that pudding…! Cristea-sama, thank you soo much…! Waah, this is bliss…”

Suzaku-sama accepted the pudding reverently with her eyes wet from tears.
Y, you don’t have to be so emotional about it… those were my honest feelings, but I’m glad it made her happy above all.
It’s just that Kurogane was sulking “You are too sweet on these guys, Lord.” and Mashiro “Yeah, yeah” nodded in agreement, so I will have to brush them properly later…

“Miss Cristea, about your conversation with Teacher Neil about the kitchen, do you plan on cooking over here too?”

Sei asked while eating the pudding with great care.

“Yes, to be honest, I would find it difficult to continue eating those meals. They say they will provide me with the ingredients, so I can make something simple, and I also would have a better use of the stock in my inventory.”

A student’s main focus is still academics, so I don’t think I can just cook all the time like I’ve been doing.
Fortunately, I have a stock of food, so even if I were to make small portions of it, it would be easier to reheat and arrange the food in the kitchen.
Besides, eating in a meeting room made me feel quite irksome.
If there’s a kitchen, there should be a cafeteria adjacent to it, and I thought it would be nice if everyone could eat there as well.

“Hey, hey, Missy. Does that include us?”
“Tora! You…!”
“Eh~? Ain’t it just fine? I will help out with the cooking if needed from now on. I can even procure ingredients.”

H, Having Sacred Beasts… no, having one of the Divine Beasts of Yahatul, Byakko-sama, help me out with cooking?
… Aren’t Kurogane and Mashiro always saying that helping me is their duty anyway?

“Fufu. Of course, I was planning on treating you, but I would appreciate it if you helped me with it. Besides, one shall not eat if he doesn’t work.”

When I said such, Byakko-sama made a triumphant pose.

“Aiiight! It’s decided then!”
“I, I will naturally help you with anything you need as well.”

Suzaku-sama followed Byakko-sama in a hurry.

“I, I…”

Sei seemed to be at a loss when he heard my words: “One shall not eat if he doesn’t work.”
Hmm, Sei doesn’t seem to have ever cooked before.
There might be “No men enter the kitchen” rule in Yahatul.
In Shin’s case, his father was an adventurer, so he might not have been resistant of learning to cook while traveling with him and his mother who was also an adventurer.

“Let me… help you out too. I will be troubled in the future if I cannot make something to eat for myself.”

I, I have decided such! You don’t have to say it while making such a face…
He looked somewhat funny, so I ended up laughing.

“Ahaha… then, I will have you help with something simple. First of all, we will start by cleaning the kitchen.”
“O… Ou!”

Fortunately, I won’t be able to get out of the dormitory in the few days before the entrance ceremony, which is just fine.
Let’s just say we’ll be working hard to improve our eating habits in the academy!

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