Chapter 364

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Let’s leave it for later.
After having an enjoyable chat with Sei for a while, we returned to the storefront to continue shopping.

“Sei-sama, we had lots of fun today. Since we will be classmates and all, please let’s get along from now on.”
“Yes, by all means. I was feeling all helpless since I am so far away from my birthplace, so I am really delighted to.”

Alright, alright, with this, it won’t be strange if I address Sei in the school.

“We will be in your care.”

With Sei and I smiling at each other, I believed that our mission has been completed.

“A, ah, p, please get along with me as well! U, umm… there’s something I would like to ask you, Sei-sama…”

Mariel-chan timidly spoke to Sei.

“? What is it?”

Ah, I have a bad feeling…

“I happened to see Sei-sama once before at the storefront. Was the person accompanying you that time your companion?”


“Companion… is it?”
“Yes! A man with silver-black hair! You seemed very harmonious!”

Heeeeeeey? Mariel-chan!?
You are so enthusiastic that Sei took a step back!

“Harmonious…? I don’t think we were…”

Ahhh, far from taking a step, he’s quickly retreating.

“Yes, certainly! What is your relationship with that gentlema-…. mugu.”
“Now, now, Mariel-chan. We shouldn’t overstay our visit! Let’s return to shopping. Gokigen’yoh, Sei-sama.”

I blocked Mariel-chan’s mouth and left the room while letting out a deceiving “Hohoho” laugh.
Ahh, Sei saw us off with a dumbfounded expression. How do I explain it to him the next time… my head hurts.

While on the way to the storefront, I finally removed my hand that was blocking Mariel-chan’s mouth.

“Puhaaa! That was cruel of you, Cristea-san! I was so curious yet I wasn’t able to ask!”
“Nono. Sei-sama wasn’t only slightly disturbed, you know? You will be classmates, so you should inquire about it gradually.”
“Ehh~… I won’t be able to sleep because it will be on my mind.”
“Nonono. It’s fine to sleep at night…”

Mariel-chan’s eyes teared up, but I won’t be deceived.
Because I know that a sea of rot is spreading inside that head of yours…

“Ugh… even though I could have finally gotten supplemented on moe. Even the development of the sudden appearance of a mysterious beauty has been disturbed…”

… I think she’s talking about Suzaku-sama, but she’s wrong, okay? Those two are people who would raise a storm for food. Nuaaah, it’s irritating because I can’t tell her!

“… My, my, leave that enjoyment for the next time. Wouldn’t it be fine to consider getting to know them today a harvest?”
“Well, that’s true, but…”

Mariel-chan seemed to be dissatisfied with just that as she took a peek at the door of the room where Sei was.

“Now, now, let’s finish shopping and go for a tea break somewhere! I want to taste the sweets you recommend, Mariel-chan!”
“Ehh~? Didn’t we have tea just now? Sweets too, the ones you make are yummy, Cristea-san.”
“I got it, let’s purchase a good tea and return! I will provide the sweets.”
“Now then, Cristea-san! Let’s quickly go! I don’t know what tea would be good, so let’s choose together, okay♪?”
“Y, yeah…”

While dumbfounded by Mariel-chan’s reversal, I pursued after her who briskly moved to the storefront…

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