Chapter 365

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Overprotective Sacred Beasts.
We, who had returned to the storefront have bought several types of Matcha and Sencha teas, then I bought ingredients and small articles I thought needed to be resupplied. We then got onboard the carriage.

“Cristea, welcome back!”
“Lord, you were late so I was getting worried.”

I thought Kurogane and Mashiro who were in their human forms would stand out too much, so I had them wait in the carriage, but it seems like that was the right choice. I did not think Suzaku-sama would appear.
It would have been terrible if Kurogane and Suzaku-sama who do not get along that well came across each other.

“Sorry about that, we were treated to Yahatul tea. We were taught how to make delicious tea, so we got delayed.”
“I see. As long as Lord is safe. I thought of going to fetch you if you were any later than this.”
“You are so overprotective, Kurogane. I have come to the Bastea Company at last, naturally, I wanted to look around. But, I am sorry for making you worry.”
“You don’t have to apologize, Lord. It might be true that I am overprotective, but you do have the tendency of attracting trouble when we take our eyes off of you.”
“Yup, very worried.”

Kurogane and Mashiro nodded at each other. How rude, you hit it off only in a case like this.

“My, how rude. There’s no way something would happen while shopping at the Bastea Company.”
“… If it’s Cristea-san, then it seems likely.”

Mariel-chan muttered next to me.
Cr, cruel! Even Mariel-chan!
… Rather, wasn’t the most worrying one today Mariel-chan!
Thinking such, I protested by glaring at Mariel-chan.

“I was the one fearful of Mariel-san’s speech and conduct this time, though?”
“… A, ahaha. It was a spur of the moment. I was curious because the other gentleman wasn’t there.”

Kurogane and Mashiro reacted to Mariel-chan’s remark.
Not good, not good, it would be bad if they carelessly heard Sei and Byakko-sama’s names.

“Y, you see, while having the tea, the storekeeper… err, the person who kindly treated us to the tea was called Sei-sama, and Mariel-san has apparently seen him once before. At that time, he was accompanied by another gentleman, but he wasn’t there today, so she was curious about it.”
“… I see.”
“Indeed! A black-haired pretty boy Sei-sama and a silver-haired wild-type handsome man who stood next to him as if to protect him! Was that person an attendant or a customer!? I am so curious and interested whether they made any progress!”
“Eh? A, awawa… no, it’s nothing! I was just curious about what their relationship was…”

Mariel-chan laughed ehehe… and tried to deceive her way out, but Kurogane and Mashiro were making dubious expressions.
Well, I can’t say that the progress she meant are her wild delusions…

“N, now, now, Mariel-san. You now know that Sei-sama is going to be our classmate at the Aderia Academy, so why don’t you try asking him the next time?”
“I, indeed! I am also curious about the red-haired beauty who was on Sei-sama’s side this time! Really, the gathering of beauty is a feast for one’s eyes, isn’t it!”

Ah, Kurogane twitched.

“Ah, did you get interested when I said a beauty? You see, she was an incredible beauty! Great beauty with burning-like red hair! Right, Cristea-san!”
“Y, yes…”
“Hou, I see. A red-haired beauty, huh…”

Awawa, he definitely suspects it was Suzaku-sama. He told Byakko-sama that the Divine Beasts shouldn’t interfere, so he’s definitely irritated and wondering why Suzaku-sama was there.
It seems that I will have to explain to him properly later. Suzaku-sama only guided us to Sei after all.
Byakko-sama not being able to fuel Mariel-chan’s delusions might have been a life saver.

“Let’s about that later! First of all, let’s have tea back at our house!”

When I said so, Kurogane informed the coachman to drive us back to the Ellisfeed mansion. Good grief…

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