Chapter 341

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It’s that time already.
“We have to move to the Capital soon.”

Sei who was enjoying an afternoon tea in our house’s parlor suddenly pointed out.

“Eh, already?”

Although the cold has been loosening day by day, it’s still too early for the spring. It should be too early to worry about the academy’s entrance ceremony…

“Yeah, our place over there seems to be ready, so I thought of going there earlier to get accustomed to the environment.”
“I see…”

I see, it will get lonely. Although we will be enrolling in the same academy, we cannot act intimately right away because of our prior agreement. Besides, Sei is a girl over here… in a disguise I mean, but he will be enrolling into the academy as a boy.
That reminds me, this will be my last time seeing O-Sei-chan’s appearances. Just thinking that makes me deeply emotional.
Staring at him who was dressed in a kimono, Sei spoke poutingly.

“… I have grown in height too, so there’s a limit to this disguise. If you’d like, shall I hand you over my kimono, Miss Cristea?”
“Eh! No, I cannot receive something so precious. I believe you would be able to sell it for a lot in a time of need, so it would be better if you kept it.”

Even an untrained eye can tell that Sei’s kimono is made from expensive fabric. In this society where cloths are expensive, a beautifully designed clothing like this would be extremely expensive. It’s this beautiful and although I can’t say how it is in Yahatul, I believe it wouldn’t sell as second-hand clothes in our Doristan Kingdom, but as a work of art. Therefore, I think it would be better to store it for later, just in case his financial situation changes. When I said so, Sei smiled wryly.

“I don’t intend to live in luxury, so I don’t think I will be troubled over money, but well, if you say so, then I will keep it.”

Yes, yes. Leave it for the case of an emergency.
Ahh, right. Since we won’t see each other for a while, I should pass them the food. Thinking such, I wanted to appoint Byakko-sama and others to look after the emergency rations, but… Byakko-sama declared “I will hold onto the Oyakodon and Tonkatsu!” while Suzaku-sama then insisted “In that case, I will look after pudding and Chawanmushi!”, so most of the rations is being looked after by Seiryou-sama. Leaving the two’s favorite dishes with them, they are surely going to eat them all up before long. It cannot be helped.
Genbu-sama did say “Eh, troublesome…”, but I decided to hand Genbu-sama Youkan to safe keep. Seiryou-sama said “Byakko and Suzaku wouldn’t shut up if one of them ate it all, so it’s not that troublesome when you think about it like that”. Truly, a person who finds everything bothersome…
Anyhow, I safely handed over the food, so I can feel at ease.

“Sorry about this. These fellows will surely behave on the way with this. Thanks.”

Sei thanked with a wry smile.

“Say Ojou, when are you going to the Capital?”

Byakko-sama asked and I pondered.

“I have not decided yet in particular…”

I want to see Mariel-chan, so I might return to the Capital early as well.

“If you come ahead of time, make sure to stop by the Bastea Company. I made sure the assortment of goods isn’t different there from here.”
“Really? I’m glad to hear that. In that case, there won’t be a need to restock over here every time I return for the holidays then?”

Although I have an Inventory, I can’t help but be concerned about running out of stock.

“Yeah, you don’t have to worry about your stay in the Capital.”

Sei seems to be feeling indebted to the Bastea Company who takes care of him, so I am eager to advertise not only the ingredients, but all of the Yahatul products Bastea Company offers.
I hope to explore options for the export of Yahatul products to our country in large quantities through the Bastea Company in the future.
As for me, I warmly welcome more delicious things from Yahatul, so I shall answer their call for assistance seriously.
Delicious things have no national borders, no, they cannot have them!

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