Chapter 340

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I must do “that” with “that” grotesque thing!
I, who returned to the fief, processed a large quantity of marine products while buttering up to Kaguya whom I left behind.
Things like salted, dried, or pickled fish take time, so I processed them in a pot, did preliminary arrangements for the grilled fish, and stored them in the Inventory after finishing the preparations. I’m intending to hand them over to Sei and others soon after moving to the Capital, so I need to prepare.
Once I finished most of the preparations, I decided to work on “that”.
“That” being… yes, the sea cucumbers.
Galvano Ojisama who heard that sea cucumbers go well with alcohol has gathered a bag full of them.
Sea cucumbers cannot be stored into the Inventory while alive, and freezing them would be a little… so, thinking that I cannot process them on the spot, I brought them in a small barrel in which I put seawater, but…

“Whoa! The hell is that!? A monster!?”

Shin jumped back from me the moment he peeked into the barrel and had not tried to approach anymore. Head Chef ran out of the kitchen after screaming like a girl.

“It’s not a monster. It’s a creature from the sea called a sea cucumber… it’s crunchy and delicious, you know?”

Shin looked at me who picked up a sea cucumber from the barrel with disbelief on his face. Rude.
Not minding Shin at all, I dealt with the sea cucumber. First, I chopped off both ends and removed the entrails.
Let’s deal with the entrails. later and focus on the body first.
Cutting into the soft ventral, I scrapped the inside muscles until they were clean. After rinsing it with water to remove the slime, I sliced it. Soak it in the seasoned vinegar, and it’s done.
After that, I began working on the entrails. These yellowish things are ovaries, and a delicacy called Kuchiko can be made by air drying them. But, there are not many of those, so I am going to mix them in the Konowata this time.
These intestines packed with slush will become Konowata, but getting it out is really troublesome.
Processing them with a small kitchen knife, I cleaned them, mixed them with the ovaries, put them into a pot with a similar amount of salt and all that’s left is to let them rest overnight… the high-class delicacy of my previous life, Konowata, has been completed.


“Fuu, done at last.”

Shin was observing from a distance, but he timidly approached me who started cleaning up and asked.

“O, oy. Are you really planning on eating that!?”
“Isn’t that only given? Why would I deal with something that’s not edible?”

Writing『Opening strictly prohibited』on the pot, I stored it in the cold room. Shall I try serving the sea cucumber salad with the dinner? … Will Okaasama faint when she sees it? But, she won’t know the original appearances, so it should be fine… no, let’s not. Let’s give this to Galvano Ojisama to eat together with a Yahatul sake.
Storing the sea cucumber salad in the Inventory, I returned to my room.
Head Chef was waiting outside the kitchen, but he jumped up when I walked out. Too rude.
… Is he that scared after seeing the sea cucumbers? I can only think of them as ingredients, so I am not one to speak though…
Hmm, the ancestors of my past life were really pioneers. Far from only making that grotesque looking creature edible, they even made it a high-class delicacy…
After that, I received high praises from Galvano Ojisama, and I who couldn’t see myself being called a pioneer in the future mofumofued Mashiro to my heart’s content in my room.

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