Chapter 529.3

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Chance meeting?
“I, I get it… err, you go by Kaguya now? I apologize… for that time and for what I said today. It was my fault.”

Kaguya stared languidly at Ruby, who bowed his head and apologized, and then turned away with a pout.

“… If you’re sorry, I have no choice but to forgive you. I belittled you that time, too. I also let my guard down.)

She turned her face away, straight into full view of mine. I felt a hint of unwillingness to forgive, but a hint of embarrassment to be apologized so honestly.

“Something might have happened between you two before, but around here, you two are Contract beasts, so try to get along with each other, okay? By the way, in my family, those who fight go without a meal…”
“Oh, then we will do the same.”

Mariel-chan got on board with my statement.

“Ehh!? O, oh dear. I would never fight with anyone, you know? Ohoho…”

Ruby was about to rebel against the “no meal” rule, but Mariel-chan’s cold stare made him jump.

“You also can’t just read someone’s mind without their permission, and use it to bring them down!”
“Ugh! Alright…”

Mariel-chan followed up, and Ruby reluctantly agreed. All right, nice.
It seems that Ruby was the Carbuncle Kaguya had encountered before.
And judging from Mariel-chan’s comment and his interaction with Kaguya, I wonder if Ruby’s ability is to read other people’s minds and memories?

“Kaguya too, don’t get dragged into any strange provocations in the future. I might not necessarily be close by to help you like today.”
(… Hmph, I know.)


Oh dear. She got her magic power drained after a long time, I just hope she finally learned from this.

(Well, thanks… for your help earlier.)

I let out a perplexed voice because of the unexpected words that Left Kaguya’s mouth, but she turned away.
Ka, Ka, Kaguya got all dere~!


I was so happy that I tried to pick up Kaguya without thinking, but she warped her body around and slipped out of my arms.
Ahh… the long-awaited dere lasted only for a moment…

“Well, since things got settled, let’s eat. I’m starving~”

We were taken aback by Byakko-sama’s words, apologized to everyone present for the commotion, and took our seats.
Although there was a bit of a mess, the welcome party began.

“Oh meow~! So cute! I won’t tell you to do it every time, but do make me something like this occasionally, okay!”

Ruby began to eat the salad after observing it from all angles as he spun the plate around.
Mariel-chan watched with bated breath, but was relieved to see Ruby eating in a good mood.

“I’m glad… it didn’t turn into a dark matter.”

… Mariel-chan, what now?
Mariel-chan, feeling relieved, began munching on a heaping plate of karaage and potato salad.
Everyone watched in amazement as she did, but seeing their share decreasing because of her, everyone rushed to eat theirs as well.
Mariel-chan, contrary to her appearance, eats a lot, huh… the Special dormitory has an additional foodie in its ranks.
I rushed to secure Teacher Neil’s portion as she was about to eat up all his, too!

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