Chapter 529.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Chance meeting?
“I mean, you don’t have much magic power. Ahh, that collar is a magic tool, I see… eh, you know. It’s what you get for acting bad.”

The magic stone on Ruby’s forehead began to glow as he stared at Kaguya.

“Hmph. But you seem to be living good thanks to your contractor. You should stop being so hesitant about showing your gratitude and serve your master properly, or you are going to get abandoned, you know?”
(Wha…! T, that’s none of your business!)

Hiss! Kaguya’s hair stood up. Eh, is it true that Kaguya feels grateful!?
I would like to press her for answer about this, but she certainly wouldn’t answer… she looks all worked up now anyway… ugh. Kaguya’s dere is too rare. You can act more dere around me, you know?

“You can’t attack me now anyway, so stop fruitlessly acting so menacing. Besides, even if you return to your original form, you wouldn’t be able to touch me with a single claw of yours.”

Kaguya’s hair stood up even longer when Ruby laughed, “Ohoho~!”

(You bastard, so you are from that time…)
“I didn’t recognize you immediately because of your poor appearances, but long time no see? Were you doing well?”
(As if! Because of you…!)

The moment Kaguya was about to jump on Ruby, the magic tool was activated, and she fell down on the spot.
It seems that her magic power has been sucked up dry by the magic tool collar, as even her tail couldn’t move.


(G, god darn it…)

I rushed over, picked up Kaguya and slowly poured my magic power into her body.
I heard that pouring magic all at once takes a toll on the body, so I poured it out little by little while feeling flustered, but it seemed to work as her breathing calmed down. Thank goodness…

“Ohohoho! You are still a silly little thing, aren’t you? That’s why you… ow!?”

The one who chopped the head of Ruby, who was laughing so hard, was Mariel-chan.

“What are you doing!?”
“I won’t allow you to be rude to my precious friend’s contracted beast! If you don’t apologize properly, you won’t get a dinner!”
“Haah? Why would I… huh, what’s that?”

Mariel-chan pointed angrily and when Ruby saw the fairy with a body of potato salad dressed in leafy greens, he stared in a daze.

“It’s a salad we made to welcome you, but I won’t give it to a child who acts like this!”
“No way, hey! Isn’t that amazingly stylish! Eh, is that really a salad!? Aren’t you heartless by not giving it to me!?”
“If you want to eat it, apologize to Kaguya-chan with a sincere heart! I won’t give it to you otherwise!”
(Ka, Kaguya-chan…?)

Kaguya, that’s not what you should be stunned about.
I was surprised to see Mariel-chan scolding Ruby in a firm manner. It seems my fears that she might get pushed around were unfounded.

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