Chapter 529.1

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Chance meeting?
After dinner preparations were finished, while Mariel-chan went to call Ruby, I returned to my room to pick up Kaguya.
Kaguya had spent a lot of time playing dress-up with Suzaku-sama during the day, so when I returned to my room, she was limp.
She seemed to be too lazy to even go to the dining hall, but when she heard about the karaage, she lifted her heavy shoulders, albeit reluctantly, so I decided to at least carry her in my arms and take her with me.
Kaguya doesn’t usually let me hold her, so I had the privilege of being able to mofu her after a long time.

“You see, we have new friends arriving today, so we are holding a welcome party.”
(Haah!? Newcomers!?)
“That’s right. My friend Mariel-san summoned a Carbuncle and they formed a contract right away. So, I thought I’d welcome them both to the Special dormitory today.”
(… Wait a moment. What did she summon?)

Kaguya, who had been slumped in my arms, reacted with a twitch and looked at me.

“Eh…? A Carbuncle.”

When I replied, Kaguya wrinkled her nose in disgust.

(What was she thinking, forming a contract with something ill-natured like a Carbuncle. Mariel is that young girl, right? She’s going to get used. You make sure not to get involved with him, alright? I’ve had enough of Carbuncles already!)
“Kaguya, you know a Carbuncle?”
(… I knew one in the past. Well, it might not necessarily be that guy, but all Carbuncles are the same.)

Not wanting to say anymore, she rested her chin on my shoulder and flapped her tail in my hand.
Kaguya and the Carbuncle had something going on, but I know from past experience that Kaguya won’t give me any answers at times like this.
I wish she would be a little more open with me.

(Never mind that, just take me to the karaage.)
“Yes, yes.”


I let out a sigh and headed for the dining hall.

Not long after I put Kaguya down on the floor in the dining hall, Mariel-chan arrived with Ruby in her arms.

“T, thank you for waiting…”
“Sorry to keep you waiting! It took me a lot of time to get dressed up.”

When I looked at Ruby, I saw a different pattern on the vest he was wearing and a new bow tie around his neck.
Ruby didn’t have any baggage, though… Does that mean he has an inventory?

“Don’t mind it, I just arrived after getting Kaguya.”
“Kaguya? Ahh, you said you have contracted a magic beast… eh, what is this poor-looking kitty. That’s a magic beast? You must be lying.”

Ruby looked at Kaguya who was at my feet and exclaimed in surprise.

(Haah!? Are you making fun of me!?)

Hiss! When Kaguya looked at Ruby threateningly, Ruby jumped down from Mariel-chan’s hands with a snicker and stomped right in front of Kaguya.

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