Chapter 530.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The two’s(?) past.
“Hah~ that was yummy.”

Mariel-chan said with satisfaction while washing the dishes.

“You had another helpings of karaage and potato salad over and over again. Everyone was surprised.”

I took the plates from Mariel-chan and wiped them up.
Kurogane and Mashiro had eaten together with us many times before, so they weren’t surprised, but Byakko-sama and the others looked as if they were afraid she would clean up their plates as well.

“Ahaha… I was so happy to eat the meal you made after so long, I couldn’t restrain myself…”
“I am happy you say that, but we will be together every day from now on.”
“Right! I can eat Cristea-san’s food every single day… gufufu.”

Mariel-chan, isn’t your character a little blurry? A beautiful girl shouldn’t be laughing like that.

“Indeed. The way Mariel arranged the salad was splendid, and the potato salad, was it? Was also delicious.”

Ruby was in a good mood as he put away the dishes I wiped off in the cupboard with his warp magic. He’s very skillful…

“Ruby, mayo is the key to potato salad! In other words, mayo is supreme!”

Mariel-chan, who had finished washing the dishes, clutched the hand towel she had been wiping her wet hands with, and stressed the importance of mayo.
Just how much do you love mayo?

“Ruby, that mayonnaise was made out of eggs, was that okay with you?”

I was concerned because Ruby said he basically eats only vegetables.
I’m sure it was fine, though, because he ate it all up so deliciously.


“Oh, I’m not concerned at all, it was very delicious, you know? If anything, Mariel is right, that salad probably wouldn’t taste that good without mayonnaise, no?”
“Yeah, well…”
“It’s fine then. I’m someone who states my dislikes out loud.”

I was reflecting on whether I should have separated the mashed potatoes for Ruby when I combined them with the other vegetables, so I was a little relieved.
… Let’s be careful, so he doesn’t state his dislike for my food. I wouldn’t be okay after that.

“Gee! Ruby, there’s no way the meals made by Cristea-san wouldn’t be delicious! If you say otherwise, I will let you taste my cooking (dark matter)! … Ugh, that sounds like a punishment game…!”

… Mariel-chan, let’s not hurt ourselves so much, okay?

“Alright, this was the last plate, right?”

Ruby didn’t even touch the plates, but he wiped off his hands… I mean, front paws.

“Yes. Thank you for your help. And so, umm… I have something I wanted to ask you, Ruby.”
“Oh my, ask me? What is it?”

Ruby tilted his head.
So cute~!… Oh no, get a grip, myself.

“It’s about Kaguya.”

I recomposed myself, coughed a little, and carried on.

“Ahh, that blockhead cat?”

Ruby has a naturally wicked tongue, doesn’t he…

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