Chapter 531.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Some kind of déjà vu…?
Teacher Neil announced such, and then he briskly walked over to Mariel-chan’s seat and took a look at the bundle of envelopes on her desk.

“… Miss Mariel, did you receive these this morning? Did you check the contents?”
“Eh, y, yes! Errr, umm, I haven’t checked the contents yet…”
“I see. I will hold onto them for you for now, is that okay? Yeah?”
“Y, yes!”

When Mariel-chan replied with obvious relief, Teacher Neil grabbed the bundle of envelopes with and shoved them into the pouch he had at his waist.
Oh, that’s the magic bag.
Clearly, the thick bundle of letters was stuffed in it, but the pouch remained flat.
Seeing this, some of the students reacted with an “Ohh…”
Some of them seemed to be merchant kids as well as nobles.
Well, just the Carbuncle was like a whiff of treasure for them, wasn’t it? But they must know that Mariel-chan would never sell Ruby, her contracted beast.
We happened to become classmates, so if they just asked to be friends with us normally, Mariel-chan and I would invite them for a tea.
But when they try to jump the gun because of greed and try to outsmart others, they end up having their stuff confiscated just like this. Foolish kids.

“You guys have experienced the difficulties of summoning through practice with your own bodies and understand how difficult forming a contract is, and you have witnessed firsthand the uproar after a successful contract was made, but… you wouldn’t want this to happen to yourselves… you understand, don’t you?”

He briskly returned to the podium and spun around to look at the students, his expression had a smile, but it wasn’t the same carefree smile he usually had. His eyes were not smiling, and it was scary. Hieh…

“Hey now, don’t be scaring the students now.”

Mentor Marlen’s cane made a loud noise as he slammed it against Teacher Neil’s bottom. That looked painful.

“… Owow… but Teacher Marlen, I haven’t even had a chance to interact with the Carbuncle yet because of all this fuss, you know!? Don’t you find this situation very serious!?”


… Not at all?

“You stupid! That’s your job, isn’t it? Haah… If you won’t even work properly at a time like this, I’ll kick you out of the Special dormitory, and take your place as dorm supervisor.”
“I will work with all my heart and soul!”

Mentor Marlen said with a sigh while stroking his beard, and Teacher Neil responded with a crisp, loud, and unwavering answer
… You don’t have any dignity of a teacher. Teacher Neil.

“That’s about right. That’s why Teacher Neil will be the point of contact for the Special dormitory residents. Do not make any arrangements between students just because they are your classmates. Hey, it’s okay for you to be friends, so why don’t you treat them the same way you have always treated them?”

Mentor Marlen laughed, but there was an awkward atmosphere between us.
Because the only person the three of us are on good terms with at the moment is Adry-sama.
If the other children were to treat us the same way they have been until now, we will have no choice but to keep them at a distance.
If they try to get in touch with us at this point, it’s like announcing that their objective are the contracted beasts.

“Alright~ let’s start the lesson now!”

Teacher Neil, who could not read the air, announced the beginning of the lesson, and everyone opened their notebooks.

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