Chapter 532.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Not so peaceful lunchtime.
Taking advantage of Mariel-chan’s newly formed contract, Teacher Neil held a morning lecture on Monsterology where he explained the dos and don’ts of dealing with and living with Magic Beasts and Sacred Beasts.
There was no lecture like this held for us, but since we had already been under contract for a long time and had no problems with it until now, this kind of lecture had seemed to have been intentionally omitted.
When a person obtains a powerful contracted beast that is useful to them, their life can change drastically and, in rare cases, they can get their hands on large amounts of money.
The morning class ended with a reminder that some people lose themselves and their lives get ruined due to this, and a variety of not-so-funny examples from the past were also introduced.
… Somehow, that sounded like the tips for a high lottery winner I happened to see in my previous life.

“Well~ forming a contract is a good thing, but ruining your life because of it is not, right? But if I could make a contract with a strong Magic Beast, I might also end up trying to use its strength for my benefit.”

Adry-sama walked in front of us, folding his hands behind his head and thinking out loud.
We, the contractors group, were on our way to the cafeteria since we had received an invitation to have lunch from the Headmaster via Teacher Neil, and because Adry-sama said he was going to have a rice bowl set meal, we decided to go together.
Sei, who was walking alongside Adry-sama, nodded at his words.

“I guess so. The human heart is a weak thing, and with an absolutely strong being on your side, you will soon become proud and fail. That is why Tora and Suzaku often remind me to be humble and not get conceited.”
“Heh~ Your Sacred Beasts are incredible. Do they not tell you to be proud and do whatever you like?”

When Adry-sama said so in admiration, Sei smiled a little happily.
It’s nice to hear our kids get praised, I get it.
But still, would Byakko-sama say such a thing?… Isn’t this precisely the “The fox borrows the tiger’s prowess”, right?
I don’t think there’s a similar idiom in this world, though.
Mariel-chan, who walked next to me, was thinking the same thing, as she whispered, “Byakko-sama is borrowing something, something tiger, right…?” while chuckling quietly.
I’m glad to see that a person from my home country seem to think the same way.


“Is that the case with you, Miss Cristea?”
“My Sacred Beasts did not say anything in particular… though my life has not changed much because I happened to be born a Duke’s daughter and my family protected me all my life. It’s an important reminder to many others, though.”

Well, my diet has changed a lot, though.
This is mainly due to the fact that my memories of my past life have returned, rather than the Sacred Beast contract.
Kurogane and Mashiro are doing a great job, and while I’m still reflecting on the fact that they have no restraint when procuring ingredients, I do not regret it. Good food is important.

“I’m just anxious about what’s going to happen to me from now on…”

Mariel-chan seemed to remember the commotion this morning and was shaking in a different way from before.

“Mariel-san. I don’t mind if you mention my name when troubled. You can refuse loud and clear.”
“Cri, Cristea-saaan…!”

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