Chapter 447.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The morning of the entrance ceremony.
“Good morning. The soup is over there.”
“Okay~… Ohh, this also looks delicious. Mymy, our eating habits have improved a lot thanks to you, Miss Cristea. I might just grow fat if this continues.”

Teacher Neil said happily as he scooped the soup from himself, but I think he’s too skinny to begin with, so I think it would be better for him to gain some weight.
I’m sure there were days when he was so absorbed in his research that he didn’t eat.
I’ll have to keep a close eye on him while I’m here.

“Today is finally the academy entrance ceremony, but make sure you get ready to leave early, so you won’t be late. I’ll be leaving right after breakfast, so stay in the lounge after you change.”

Teacher Neil had another bowl of soup and quiche and then went back to his room.
We all washed the dishes and then returned to our rooms to get ready.

“… Yeah. That should do it.”

I changed into my uniform and spun around in front of the mirror to check.

“Cristea-sama, it suits you terribly well.”
“Umu, it suits you well.”
“Cristea, cute!”
“Thank you, everyone.”

I smiled, feeling a little embarrassed by the compliments.

“However, Cristea-sama… this is not enough.”

Not enough, what is not enough?

“Take this…”

Saying that, Miria presented me attachable sleeves and collar with lots of laces.



Even though I had suggested it to persuade my mother, I didn’t want to be too flashy, so I couldn’t help but back away when Miria presented me with the laces that I hadn’t dared to look at.

“The finest laces were used to make these, so please use them at least for the entrance ceremony and other official occasions.”
“If Madam finds out that you haven’t used the laces at all, she will get forceful with your next uniform…”
“I will use it.”

If my Okaasama finds out, the next time she has a uniform made for me, it will probably be a heavily modified one. When I think about it like this, it’s not so bad to wear them only for entrance ceremonies and official occasions.
Reluctantly, I asked Miria to put on the collar and sleeves.

“It’s done. You look wonderful.”
“Thank you.”

Even though I was reluctant, it was still cute.
The laces peeking out from the cuffs was fastened with decorative sparkling jewels.
Since I was using the attachable collar, I asked her to not fasten the front collar.

“Yes. These would be fine for ceremonies.”
“I’m sure Madam would want you to keep them on all the time, though…”
“That’s true, but I imagine they will get in the way during class.”
“Cristea-sama, I think it’s all right for you to dress up a little more, you know?”

Miria was sighing in disappointment, but it can’t be helped because my previous life was so plain that the idea that simple is best is ingrained in me.
I think I’m still on the flashy side.
When I see a pretty girl, I want her to dress up! Is what I think too, but I don’t want to necessarily dress myself up like that. I just want them to give up because that’s the way I am.
Having said that, when I was dressed in cute clothes the last time, I didn’t feel so bad, so I’m actually being quite selfish now.

“I think I would feel stiff wearing this all the time. I will wear it once in a while, okay?”
“If you dress too simply, the rumors might reach Madam’s ears.”
“Ugh… I will be careful.”

That’s right… My Okaasama’s network of information is not to be underestimated.
I’m not sure what kind of rumors she will be hearing at the tea parties…
I’m a little nervous to think that I’ll eventually have to participate in this information war called a tea party.
I don’t think I’ll be able to talk in circles with my simple mind.
Haah… It’s no use worrying about such things now, isn’t it?
For now, I have to finish today’s entrance ceremony without any problems.
My Sacred Beast contracts will be finally made public, so I have to be even more careful from now on.

“Cristea-sama, I believe it would be better to head to the lounge soon.”

I checked my appearance one last time and then headed for the lounge.

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