Chapter 447.1

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The morning of the entrance ceremony.
When it started to get bright outside, I woke up as usual, did my morning yoga routine, and after getting ready lightly, I went to the dining room with Mashiro and Kurogane.
I wanted to take Kaguya with me, but she said, “They will be there too, right? Absolutely not!” and hid under the bed.
Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama will be staying in this dormitory for a long time, and it’s not like she can confine herself in my room forever, so she better make up her resolve already…
Well, I guess she hates it even more because she knows that Suzaku-sama will turn her into a dress-up doll once she’s caught. I can’t help but understand how she feels.

“Good morning.”

In the dining room, Miria was working briskly.
In the morning, I like to move at my own pace, so she does other things for me.
She wakes up earlier than I do, and after quickly fixing up her room, she goes to the dining room to set the table.

“Good morning, Miria. Now then, what shall we do for breakfast this morning?”

Checking the stock of ingredients, I thought about the menu.
Hmmm, I have bread, so I’d like to use that, but I’m not sure that I want to make French toast again…
Oh, I think that might be a good idea.

“Kurogane, could you slice the bread about this thick?”
“As you wish.”
“Mashiro, can you crack these eggs and mix it with milk?”

After letting them do their work, I took the bacon, boiled spinach, mushrooms, and other vegetables out of my inventory, cut them into appropriate sizes, and stir-fried them together.

“Lord, is this enough for you?”
“Yes, thank you. Can you spread them in the frying pans?”

After asking Kurogane to deal with the bread, I transferred the stir-fried ingredients to a bowl.

“Cristea, is this okay?”
“Thank you, Mashiro. Then, I will mix this with this…”

I mixed the egg mixture I asked Mashiro for with the ingredients.

“Lord, I’m done.”

I took the pan, which Kurogane neatly lined with bread, and poured the egg mixture into it.

“After that, we put thin slices of cheese on top…”

I covered the pan with a lid and put it on the magical stove to cook over low heat.

“Good morning, Miss Cristea. I’m sorry for being late.”
“Good morning to you.”

Sei and the others who seemed to have finished their morning practice came to the dining room.

“Good morning. The breakfast is nearly done.”
“Is there something you need help with?”
“Let’s see… I would like to make soup, so could you please cut these vegetables into easy to eat sizes?”

I gathered the leftover vegetables and handed them to Sei and others.
I gently opened the lid of the frying pan, checked the extent of browning, took out the consommé soup stock from my inventory and heated it up in a pot.

“Is this fine?”

I took the vegetables that had been quickly cut up by Sei, Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama, and lightly stir-fried them before adding them in the pot.
When the contents of the frying pan looked good enough, we each got a bowl of soup and took our seats.

“I made bread quiche for today’s breakfast.”

Yep, I made a quiche with bread this morning.
It was too much trouble to make it from scratch, and I wanted to get rid of the bread.

“Let’s eat!”

Everyone fought for the divided bread quiche and began to eat it.

“This is… the balance between the crispy bread and the fluffy eggs is wonderful. The vegetables and bacon that blend together in your mouth are very tasty…”
“Yeah, this is unexpectedly filling. The soup is also hearty and delicious.”

Good, there’s plenty of veggies which is great for breakfast.

“Morniiing… hm? What a nice smell.”

Teacher Neil came into the dining room with unkempt hair.
He woke up a little early, probably because of today’s entrance ceremony, and was still yawning sleepily.

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