Chapter 123

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As expected of Oniisama!
“This is it… I found it at the Bastea Company.”

He took a cutely wrapped thing from his pocket.

… I’m glad~ I thought Oniisama would take out umeboshi or something as well since he said he got it at the Bastea Company.

… I urgently need Rakkyo though. I mean, it goes well with curry.
I have to carefully look for it next time.
Ha! Not good, not good, rather than that, I should be concentrating on the cutely wrapped package now.

“My… thank you very much! … May I open it?”
“Yeah, of course.”
“Then, I won’t be polite…”

When I opened the package, a hair accessory adorned by a light pink colored little flower with five lovely petals appeared.

“Oh my…!”

This is… a cherry blossom.

“How pretty…”

How nostalgic. It looks just like cherry blossoms from my past life. I gently stroke the delicate work that seemed as if it would fall apart when touched.

I heard Oniisama’s explanation while I was overcome by nostalgia.

“This is apparently an accessory that was modeled after cherry blossoms which bloom in Yahatul. I chose it because I thought it would suit you.”

There are cherry blossoms in Yahatul too… right, since there are plums, it isn’t strange that there are cherry trees as well.
Will I be able to watch cherry blossoms in full bloom at some time in this world too…?


“Thank you very much. It’s a very wonderful hair accessory… I’m happy.”

As expected of Oniisama. It was a clean hit straight to my preferences. Tributes should be like this… n? No, well, Oniisama so it wouldn’t be a tribute.
It’s an ideal present for a female. Yeah.

… Oniisama you must be popular…

“Do you want to try it on?”
“Yes, I should. Then, Miria…”
“Give it to me. I will put it on for you.”
“T… thank you very much.”

Norman who abruptly stood up received the hair accessory from Cristea and put it in her hair.

“… Does it suit me?”
“Yeah, just as I thought. It suits you very well.”
“Ufufu, thank you very much.”

I, who wanted to fill my belly before anything, haven’t noticed such a wonderful thing at the Baste Company… to lose in femininity even in such area… ugh, I must reflect.

“… Cristea, cute.”
“Umu. It looks good on you, Lord.”

Mashiro and Kurogane praised me too, so my happiness got doubled.

“Fufu, thank you. Mashiro, Kurogane.”

After that, I inquired about the occurrences during the inspection and we spent a happy siblings time.
Mashiro and Kurogane were plastered to my sides the whole time though.

… Hmm, were they jealous of Oniisama who took first place in the achievements…?
Mashiro and Kurogane also did their best, I’m grateful to you guys, you know?

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