Chapter 124

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It seems that the morning mofu activity will become a daily routine.
Good morning. Waking up while buried by the mofumofu is the best.

… I didn’t give them permission to enter my bed, though? it appears they have entered my bed while I was asleep.

… My sleeping posture isn’t poor… is it?
I have to be careful not to roll-over and hit them…

“Mashiro, Kurogane, good morning.”
“You woke up, Lord? It’s still too early to wake up.”
“Cristea, morning~… can sleep some more?”

… Deja vu, huh.

“No, I’m waking up. There are things I want to do in the morning.”

When I said such, Kurogane and Mashiro reluctantly moved.

They can apparently feel my magical power just by being by my side, so they want to be plastered to me as much as possible.
… Are you shrewdly snatching my magical power?
Well, it’s fine since it seems that they can normally absorb my magical power so steadily, but…

“I haven’t done anything special to give you my magical power since we made the contracts, is that fine?”

I was suddenly in doubts, but there were apparently no problems so far. They seem to enjoy plenty of my delicious magical power through the meals, snacks, and skinship.
Umm, I don’t understand it well. How does it work in Sei’s case?


Today’s breakfast was Chinese rice porridge.
I made quite a lot chicken-salt soup yesterday, so I made it out of it. I also prepared various toppings such as seedless umeboshi, boiled eggs, and minced Bighorn Bull meat.

Everyone could choose a toppings style according to their preferences. If they wished, I could also have the server whisk the eggs to make an egg rice porridge.

It looked plain so the men were unsatisfied, but they were able to enjoy the various toppings so they were pleased in the end.


After breakfast, Oniisama and Prince Ray planned to go for a long horse ride, so I prepared sandwiches for their bento.
I was invited to go as well, but I declined politely.

I have things to do and Kurogane and Mashiro also opposed the long ride via telepathy…

“Lord, if you mount me instead of a horse, you will get to your place of destination faster than the wind, you know?”
“Against Cristea, getting on horse. Both horse, Kurogane, dangerous. If get on me, safe.”

… Well, I must admit, I’m quite… a bit… no, yeah. I’m not very good at horseback riding.
I don’t know whether horses make light of me or something, but they never go to the direction I want them to… they don’t try to shake me off though.
Moreover, ladies fundamentally ride sideways, so it’s a bit frightening…
I might be affecting them as I mount them fearfully… I understand that. But it’s difficult.

But you see, Kurogane?
Riding on your back would certainly be fast, but you would definitely shake me off, you know??

And, Mashiro?
I appreciate the worry, but if I ride on you, won’t I look like a certain Taro-san who carries a hatched on his shoulder!
Looks like I will have to take horseback riding lessons!

I’m sorry to Kurogane and Mashiro, but I politely declined. When I told them: “If really had to go for a long ride to get to a certain place in a hurry, wouldn’t I use the warping magic instead?” because I was under a booing storm from the two, “Ah, I see.” I got such a reaction.

Good grief…

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