Chapter 122

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Mofu activity and present.
“How about being a bit more aware of dangers, Lord?”

After that, I was in the midst of mofu activity in my room.

I’m currently in the middle of brushing Kurogane. His unkempt fur that he didn’t take care of himself quickly transformed into silky smooth and glossy fur with the brushing. Yea, wonderful. It was worth the effort.

“That Crown Prince dude, he seems to have fallen in love with Lord.”

Fallen fur…? Ah, he fell in love, huh. I was preoccupied with mofu activity there.

“Fallen in love… you are kidding, right? I’m called the repulsive food eating lady, you know? No way, not happening.”

He might have considered using me politically, but I would like to excuse myself from stuff like being the Crown Princess.
As the Duke’s daughter, my marriage will be that of convenience though, so marrying out of love is just a dream…

… Looking at Otousama’s attitude, it doesn’t seem like he has any intentions whatsoever of forcing me into being one of the Crown Prince’s fiancée candidates, doesn’t it… in the first place, it feels like he has no interest of handing me over as a bride, doesn’t it?

… Not good. After my past life, I have a premonition that I would be too late even in this life…

… At that time, do I register as an adventurer and travel around the world to search for delicious things while picking herbs and hunting…? No, I could pen up a restaurant in the town and become a hostess… no, no.

“… Lord, it’s hurting a bit?”
“Ahh! I’m sorry!”

I got caught up in my delusions and used too much strength. Failure, failure.

“Although you say that Lord, wasn’t he desperate when giving you the tribute?”
“Ehh? The umeboshi?”

If you are giving a tribute, there are more sensible things, aren’t there?

“That, wasn’t that supposed to be: I will give you this, so make something delicious out of it?”
“… That fellow has it hard too.”

Oh well, said Kurogane and urged me to keep brushing.
What’s your problem~ if you are giving a tribute, why don’t you select something that would attract the girl’s affection a little bit more? To gift me umeboshi…
This is suitable for the repulsive food eating lady! That’s not something pleasant to hear. Well, of course I’m happy about the umeboshi, but… it certainly suits me.

“Excuse me, Cristea-sama. Norman-sama has arrived.”

Miria called out from the adjoined room.

“Oniisama has? All right, let him in.”

I asked her to prepare tea as well.

“Sorry. Are you free right now?”
“Yes. I was just brushing Kurogane’s and Mashiro’s furs”

I soothed the slightly dissatisfied Kurogane and Mashiro, put the brush down and went to Oniisama’s side.

Receiving tea from Miria, I enjoyed the conversation with Oniisama.
It appears that he was just watching over His Highness as he was clearing up the tasks he put aside because of today’s inspection. As his watch.

“How about Oniisama?”
“I finished most of them on the first day. I will do the rest when I’m free. Prince Ray won’t work if you leave him alone. Even though he’s fast to work when he feels like it…”

What a troubling fellow, he shrugged his shoulders.

As expected of Oniisama. Somehow, the two are way too different when it comes to summer vacation homework.
Oniisama is in the faction who finishes most of their homework right at the beginning of the summer vacation and Prince Ray is in the faction that set the homework aside until the very last moment, huh.

“Fufu, is that so? Let me copy your homework! Does he say something like that often?”
“Ahh… he doesn’t. He’s a person who dislikes unfairness after all. If he thinks like that, he should quickly get to it though.”

Oniisama replied while giggling.
Hohou. As expected of the Crown Prince in that subject. I see him in a slightly better light.
… I would see him in a much better light if he already finished though, how unfortunate!

“By the way, I also bought a present for Cristea during today’s inspection.”
“Oh my, Oniisama as well?”

Oniisama surely wouldn’t hand me umeboshi for the second time… I hope not…

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