Chapter 553.2

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Galvano, the Legendary Blacksmith.
We hurried after Galvano Ojisama, who had a look of disbelief on his face.

“Really, these days there are no adventurers with backbone. They get scared after being punched by me once and never challenge me again. They don’t have any qualifications to hold my weapons at that point.”

Eeeeh… If you knocked down those big adventurers with one punch, of course they would be wary…
At this rate, you won’t have a chance to make weapons for anyone, no?

“… Huh? But you made a weapon for Otousama, right?”

Otousama, who mainly uses magic attacks, has a sword forged by Galvano Ojisama, even though he rarely uses it.
He looks more like a gentleman than an adventurer…

“Hmph, he can use a sword, but he usually relies on magic. Because of that, he doesn’t care much about weapons. He’s fine with anything as long as it works. He never asked me to make a weapon for him, and he tried to act like an adventurer with a sword that didn’t suit him at all. I couldn’t stand it and made one for him. It was also because I was introduced to him by Tirie, who was teaching novice adventurers at the time. I didn’t know it then, but I had to make one for the current King as well. It was a lot of trouble.”

… So that means he made it when Otousama was pretending to be an adventurer with His Majesty when they were students? And he made one for His Majesty, too?

“Eh, His Majesty’s sword… That sword was made as an afterthought…?”

Mariel-chan muttered softly.


“Eh, Mariel-san. What do you mean by ‘that’ sword?”

According to Mariel-chan’s story, the young King, who was then the Crown Prince, impressed the legendary blacksmith (Galvano Ojisama) with his sword skills, and he offered him the best sword he had ever made, saying “I want you to use this sword”. Ehhhh, what’s that?
When I glanced at Galvano Ojisama to ask him about the truth, he looked troubled for some reason.

“Oh, that rumor… His Majesty insisted that he didn’t spread the rumors himself. I guess it was one of his subordinates who did it to make him look good. Well, since he denies it himself and a ruler needs some bluffing, I didn’t bother to correct it.”

Oh, I see…
Galvano Ojisama doesn’t seem like the type to do something like that, so I was surprised.
Mariel-chan next to me was flustered after hearing the truth and said, “Eh, is this something I shouldn’t know…?”
No, no, as long as you don’t blab about it, it’s fine.
I rubbed Mariel-chan’s back and tried to calm her down.

After walking along the street for a while, we stopped in front of a shop that was a little off the main road.

“Alright, this is the place. There doesn’t seem to be any customers either. Come on, let’s go in.”

Galvano Ojisama said that and opened the door of the shop with force.

“Hey, Owen! I’ve got a perfect job for you!”

Ah, I knew it…
I resigned myself and stepped into the shop of the magic tool craftsman who was known as “the magic tool maniac”, whom I had seen before.

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