Chapter 554.1

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Awawa, trouble…!
“Hey, Owen, you’re there, right? Come out already!”

As soon as Galvano Ojisama entered the store, he shouted so loudly that Mariel-chan and Sei got startled. I’m used to his loud voice, so it doesn’t bother me, but everyone else would be startled, right?

“Shut up, old man! I’m doing a delicate work here, you know? It’s different from a blacksmith who just hammers away. ”

The one who came out from the workshop at the back of the store was the same person I saw at the Adventurer’s Guild before, and inadvertently followed when I heard he was a magic tool master. He seemed to be concentrating on his work, and his face was covered with stubble, making him look more scruffy than before.

“Oh? Can I take that as a provocation against blacksmiths? At least I’m doing my job with meticulous care! And in your case, it’s not delicate, it’s obsessive. You’ve been working all night without sleeping again, haven’t you? You magic tool-crazed pervert.”

Galvano Ojisama retorted, and Owen… Owen-san, he magic tool master, got angry and went into a fighting stance, but isn’t it reckless to pick a fight with Galvano Ojisama who even adventurers are afraid of after staying up all night?

“Hmph, you barking at me is no different from a puppy yapping at my feet.”

Galvano Ojisama snorted and laughed through his nose.

“… I just finished making a tool that can pre-load attack magic, and I was thinking of testing it out…”

Owen-san said that and showed a pendant with a large jewel embedded in it that he had in his hand.

When Owen-san flipped the pendant top with a ruby-like red and large stone, there was a fine and complex magic circle carved on the back of the base.

“It uses the magic power of this magic stone to activate the fire magic formula. It’s nothing much, just a few fireballs with a little power. You’ll be fine with some minor burns, old man.”

“You… you’re making such a useless thing again.”

“Some lady ordered it for self-defense. Hey, why don’t you give up quickly? You’ll get hurt less that way.”

Owen-san gripped the pendant again and Galvano Ojisama shrugged his shoulders in disbelief.

“This is bad. Kids, this guy is useless today, so let’s come back another time.”

“Eh, um…”

“Hey, wait! What did you come for… huh?”

As Uncle Garvano turned on his heels and urged us to leave the store, I met eyes with Owen-san.

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