Chapter 554.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Awawa, trouble…!
Then, Owen-san’s gloomy expression brightened up.

“Hey, long time no see! Hey old man, move aside, Jouchan can’t get in.”

Owen-san ran up happily and tried to push the old man aside.

“Hey, get out of the way. Jouchan is with me, so I’m taking her home. You should close the shop and go to sleep!”

“What? Don’t be stupid. A fellow magic tool lover finally came to visit me after a long time. Come on, let her in!”

Huh, a fellow magic tool lover…?
Owen-san’s gaze was fixed on me… does that mean, me!?
I don’t remember becoming a fellow magic tool lover!?

“You idiot! Jouchan is the daughter of this Ellisfeed territory’s Duke, ya know!? There’s no way she’s your friend! Are you out of your mind!”

Galvano Ojisama hit Owen-san with a thud! on his head. That looked painful!

“Huh? What? The Duke’s daughter…?”


Owen-san collapsed with a bewildered look on his face.
Awawawa, Owen-saaan!?

“Oh wow~ I was out of it from staying up all night… I’m really sorry!”

Owen-san apologized with a laugh as soon as he came back up, but he quickly changed his attitude when he saw Galvano Ojisama make a fist. I was worried about leaving Owen-san alone on the sofa in the shop after he passed out from Ojisama’s punch, but he woke up in less than twenty minutes, so I was relieved.

“But man, I never thought that the lady of this territory was a fellow magic tool lover. No wonder I couldn’t find the merchant’s daughter no matter where I looked.”

No, I’m not a fellow magic tool lover.
Apparently, Owen-san had been secretly looking for me because he was worried that I might not come back because of what happened last time. He’s a nice guy at heart, I thought when I met him before. He just gets a little, no, a lot crazy about magic tools.
He’s good at his craft, but he’s such a disappointing person.

“You and Tirie are so mean. You guys knew the truth, didn’t you?”
“We’re Jouchan’s allies, after all. We can’t just tell you about her. You have to earn her trust.”
“Ah, well, I guess that can’t be helped. The Duke’s daughter, huh…”
“But instead, we gave you priority to work on Jouchan’s requests. You had fun with that, didn’t you?”

Ojisama ruffled Owen-san’s hair roughly, as if to say he was a hopeless case. Owen-san tried to dodge with a grimace.

“Stop it… It’s still swollen from earlier. Wait, so all those requests were ideas from Jouchan too!?”

Owen-san brushed off Ojisama’s hand and asked me with sparkling eyes.

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