Chapter 554.3

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Awawa, trouble…!
“Eh? Requests!?”
“Look, things like cooling jugs and cups, or magic heat plates used with magic stoves.”

Now that I think about it, I did ask Ojisama for that.

“I knew it! You have not only good ideas, but also a lot of magic power. If you understand how to write magic circuits, you’ll surely become a first-class magic tool craftsman in no time. How about it? Won’t you become my apprentice!?”

And, apprentice!?
I was flustered by Owen-san’s enthusiastic invitation, and the Galvano Ojisama grabbed Owen-san’s head firmly.

“Don’t say stupid things and do your work. Here, I brought you a request that you’ll enjoy.”

Galvano Ojisama took out the blueprint from his pocket with his other hand, and Owen-san’s eyes sparkled.

“Oh, a job involving Joucan!? Let me see!”

Owen-san snatched the blueprint from Galvano Ojisama’s hand and started to look at it with fascination.
He didn’t seem to care about anything around him anymore. What a concentration…

“Sorry. Once he gets like this, he won’t stop until he understands everything. It might take some time. Do you want to come back later?”

Ojisama asked me with a sigh as he watched Owen-san.

“No, let’s wait while having some tea. Can we use that magic stove?”


There was a tea set and a small magic stove for boiling water on the counter, maybe for customers.

“Huh? Oh, that thing. Sure, go ahead.”
“Thank you. Mariel-san, can you help me?”

I got permission from Ojisama instead of Owen-san, so I got up with Mariel-chan to boil some water.

“Mariel-san, I’m sorry. Things got weird…”
“No, I’m not… I mean, isn’t it harder for you, Cristea-san…?”

I gave a dry laugh and dodged the answer as I picked up the kettle to fill it with water.
I wondered why there was a pattern that looked like a magic formula carved on the lid of the kettle. When I touched the handle of the lid, I felt a slight sensation of magic being sucked in, and suddenly the kettle became heavy.


I opened the lid in a hurry and saw that the kettle was full of water that should have been empty.

“Eh, what is this?”
“Oh that, it’s convenient, right? It has a water magic formula built in. You don’t have to go and fill it with water every time.”

Owen-san said without taking his eyes off the blueprint.
It’s convenient and amazing, but…

“Owen-san is… amazing, but weird, isn’t he?”

Mariel-chan said quietly.
Yeah, I think so too.
He’s recommended by Galvano Ojisama, but… is it okay to ask him for Ruby’s equipment?

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