Chapter 555.1

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What a waste!
“Oi, what the hell is this?”

Owen-san, who had finished checking everything, looked away from the blueprint and glared at Galvano Ojisama.

“Hmm? That’s a cane. Can’t you tell by looking at it?”

Galvano Ojisama answered with an innocent look on his face.

“Don’t be stupid. Is there such a small cane? The size is for children… no, for babies, right? Why would you need this kind of thing.”

Owen-san slammed the blueprint with a bang and made a grimace.

“And what’s with these stones and specifications? Magic stones, magic ore, mithril… A formula to determine the direction of activated magic? Even if an adult activates this kind of thing, they’ll collapse! And if the magic goes out of control, it’ll be dangerous!”
“No, no, it’s fine. It’s more dangerous if you don’t do it this way.”
“There’s no way…”
“It’s okay, you know? Because that’s for me!”

Ruby interrupted Owen-san’s denial by jumping out from behind Mariel-chan, who had brought tea.

“Whoa?! What, what is this!?”

Owen-san hastily caught Ruby, who had jumped into his arms.

“Oh my? I thought I’d be brushed off… hehe, you’re nice, aren’t you? My, oh my? You’re surprisingly well-trained. You are getting better and better… ”


Owen-san was flustered by Ruby, who had suddenly jumped in, but when Ruby started stroking his chest muscles, he shouted “Uwah!?” and threw him away.

“Ah! Can’t you put me down gently? Are you not a gentleman?”
“Shut up! What the hell is this!? A Magic Beast!? Why is it in the middle of town!?”
“Calling me a Magic Beast, how rude! I am…”
“Ah, ah, umm, sorry! He’s my contracted Holy Beast!”

Mariel-chan picked up Ruby and bowed her head.

“Huh? Contracted Holy Beast… you mean one of those that’s been talked about, from Adelia Academy? Where many Holy Beast contractors have apparently appeared? So you… no, are you perhaps… Carbuncle…?”
“That’s right. I’m giving you the honor of making my equipment, so be grateful.”

Ruby lightly tapped Mariel-chan’s hand holding her to let go and jumped down, crossed her arms with a barely visible gesture and looked up at Owen-san with a smug look.

“Se, seriously… Carbuncle… so the magic stones you’re using are…?”

Owen-san sat down on the spot and stared at Ruby.

“Yes, I’m going to use the prettiest ones I’ve collected over the years. To make it look good.”

As Ruby proudly showed off one of the magic stones she planned to use with a huff, Owen-san made a very… how should I put it… disappointed expression.

“What… what a waste of materials…”
“What did you say?”
“Well, I mean, isn’t that right? A strong Holy Beast like you doesn’t need a weapon like this! Oi, oi, why did you come up with the idea of making something like this… it’s a waste of materials…”

I can’t believe this… Owen-san held his head in disbelief as Mariel-chan explained the situation while showing him the sketch at Ruby’s urging.

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