Chapter 555.2

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What a waste!
“… Hey, Galvano! You should have stopped before writing such a useless equipment design!”
“What do you mean by useless equipment, how rude.”
“Hah? I’ll make anything that makes Jouchan and her friends happy. I’m asking you because I want to give them something safe. You should be able to improve it even further from here, so it won’t be anything useless, right?”
“… You’re too much. Who do you think I am?”

Owen-san grinned and glared at Galvano Ojisama, who was smiling, and stood up to take the blueprint.

“Well, first of all, let’s keep this specification alive… and make it so that only Ruby-sama and Miss Mariel can use as a magic wand by registering their magic power.”
“Eh? Me!?”

Mariel-chan was flustered by the sudden name drop.

“Yes. It’s just right for self-defense, isn’t it? Normally, Ruby-sama can carry it out as a walking cane, while filling it with magic power in the meantime.”

Owen-san continued to explain while scribbling on the design.

“Yes. If you have so much magic power it could accidentally discharge, we can conserve a certain amount of it to use as your own when needed.”
“That’s what you say, but if you store too much, won’t that be the cause for an accidental discharge? If you unconsciously pour magic power into the magic stone over the current specifications, it would discharge on its own.”


Galvano Ojisama looked at the added content of the design while stroking his beard.

“I said a certain amount, didn’t I? If a certain amount of magic power accumulates, some of it will get automatically released.”
“Eh, then there’s no need to make it a magic wand if it’s just going to release most of it…”
““No, that would be a waste of magic power, right?””

Owen-san and Galvano Ojisama simultaneously rebutted Mariel-chan’s question.

“E-ehh, but I don’t need a weapon…”
“What, just point the wand at the enemy and pour a little magic power into the magic stone. It’s easier to handle than a sword or knife. Think of it as one of your self-defense items. Since you’ve become such a rare existence as the Sacred Beast contractor, it’s better to have many ways to protect yourself, don’t you think so?”

Indeed, there may be people who get deceived by Mariel-chan’s seemingly weak appearance (although she is a rotten girl inside) and Ruby’s cute appearance (although he is an older sister inside) and think of no good things. If it’s the size of Ruby’s walking cane, it would look like a lightly larger gun in Mariel-chan’s hands. It might be a little cool.

“That’s right. When needed, I will warp the stick into Mariel’s hands. That sounds good.”

With Ruby’s consent, Owen-san, Galvano Ojisama, and Ruby began arguing about safety devices and designs in detail, so we had no choice but to move to the reception room for customers and enjoy tea and sweets in the meantime.

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