Chapter 556.1

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Honored Customer, Ruby-sama.
After Ruby and the two craftsmen talked for a while, and measuring Mariel-chan’s hand size, the final specifications seemed to have been decided, and a surreal scene of Owen-san and Ruby shaking hands unfolded.

“Okay, then let’s make it with these specifications… Galvano has to make the cane that will serve as the base first, and only then I will be able to incorporate the spell formula, so can you give us some time?”
“Yes, that’s fine. Oh, right, I’ll give you this as an advance payment.”

When Ruby took out a magic stone from his inventory and placed it on the table with a clatter, Owen-san looked at it with his mouth wide open.

“This… this is?”
“Oh my, I heard that magic stones were good for rewards, but maybe money would have been better? In that case…”

As Ruby was about to take out a large bundle filled with money from his inventory while making a jingling sound, Owen-san stopped him.

“No, no, magic stones are better! So, since this is an advance payment, will there be more at delivery…?”
“Yes. These aren’t very valuable magic stones to me. At delivery time, I’ll give you twice as many of these… depending on the quality of the work, I might even give you better quality magic stones.”
“I will make it with all my heart and soul!”

Owen-san hit his forehead on the table with a thud as he bowed his head.

“… Owen, isn’t that attitude a bit exaggerated?”
“You fool! Magic stones of this quality don’t come out very often these days. Ruby-sama is a top-notch customer!”
“Ohoho, please treat me well?”

As Ruby laughed loudly with his chest puffed out, Mariel-chan hurriedly stopped him and apologized while bowing her head and picked Ruby up.

“No, I will apologize for Owen, too. Let’s go home for today.”


As Galvano Ojisama stood up with a grunt, Owen-san stopped him.

“There’s still time left, right? Since we have the opportunity to talk about magic tools, why don’t we take our time before you leave?”
“No, no. Jouchan and her friends aren’t free either. They don’t have time to hang out with a magic tool maniac like yourself.”

While Galvano Ojisama was shielding us, we hurriedly left the store.

“So you were here, My Lord.”

As soon as we left the store, Kurogane teleported over.
Oh right. Owen-san’s store has a barrier magic tool in place because many customers come incognito.

“Sorry Kurogane. I made you look for us.”
“It’s nothing. Judging from your purpose, Tirie had guessed that you would be most likely over here.”

I see.

“So… where is Tirie-san?”
“Hmm? Oh… I was with him in his office until just now.”

Oh, he left him behind. Tirie-san must be sighing at being left behind right now.

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