Chapter 556.2

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Honored Customer, Ruby-sama.
“Alright, Jouchan and friends. Let’s go quickly,”

Urged Galvano Ojisama, putting up the “Closed” sign and closing the door before walking briskly.

“Uh, um? What about Owen-san?”

As there was no sign of him following us, I became worried and asked. Galvano Ojisama snorted dismissively,

“I punched that guy and put him to sleep. He seemed restless from lack of sleep, so it worked out nicely.”

No, that’s not good! Wait, you mean he’s passed out right now?

“Anyway, Tirie will probably come chasing after Kurogane-sama here, so we can leave him to deal with Owen.”

Encouraged by Galvano Ojisama, we returned to his shop, but while he examined Sei’s weapons, Mariel-chan and I decided to go shopping in the marketplace to kill time.
Ruby hid in Mariel-chan’s shadow, and Suzaku-sama, in her human form, joined us, reasoning that we might need a female attendant with Kurogane and Mashiro as guards.


“…Suzaku-sama, your attire?”
“I thought of going for something inconspicuous, since my usual appearance might attract attention.”

She replied, pushing up her glasses with her braided red hair in a maid outfit.
No, no, no. Even if your outfit is plain, that dynamite body of yours is still the same.
You’re attracting a lot of attention, you know?
Adventurers who returned from quests whistled and tried to talk to her, but as soon as Kurogane glared at them, they hurriedly left.
Is Kurogane giving off a dangerous aura?

This won’t do; things are getting out of hand.
I decided to walk towards the market.

“Is there anything you want to see, Mariel-san?”
“Hmm, not really. I’m already too tired today to care about anything. If I had to say something, it’d be the Ellisfeed-made bacon.”

But we make that bacon ourselves at home, so there’s no need to go all the way to the Adventurers’ Guild to buy it.
Well, I guess it can’t be helped, since it’s all sold out in the Capital.

“And what about you, Cristea-san? Any items you want, like ingredients…?”
“Well, let’s see. I could use some more spices.”

Since many spices used for curry are classified as herbs, you have to go to a herbalist’s shop or the Herbalist Guild to buy them.
I’ve never personally bought them in the Capital, and it feels awkward for the Ellisfeed family to keep ordering them and causing shortages, so buying them here is a good idea.
Mariel agreed with me, saying, “Priority should be given to curry!” So, after stocking up on spices, we enjoyed a pot-au-feu-like soup from a popular stall that had a long line, which had bacon in it.
It was a bit disappointing for Mariel-chan, as the bacon was thin, so I decided to make a hearty pot-au-feu with plenty of thick bacon soon.

Afterward, we returned to Galvano Ojisama’s shop, picked up Sei, and got on the carriage we had waiting.
We then headed back to the mansion.

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