Chapter 557.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I have been waiting for this!
Upon returning to the mansion, we had initially planned to use the warping room to travel to the Royal Capital right away. However, the chefs, including the Head Chef, fervently wished, “Please do watch the results of our training.” So, we decided to spend tonight at the mansion in our territory.
What do they mean… by ‘training’?
I wonder if they did something like training under a waterfall!?

“Here is the assorted fried platter.”

For dinner, they served white fish and shrimp fry.
They added my recipe’s Worcestershire sauce and tartar sauce.

“Wow, it looks delicious!”

Mariel-chan’s eyes sparkled. She loves tartar sauce…
Come to think of it, I’m excited too.
The Royal Capital isn’t by the sea, so people usually don’t get to taste seafood there.
But we have a warping room at home, and I stocked up on ingredients from the last fishing trip, so it’s not a problem for us.
In the Royal Capital, the best you can get is dried fish and freshwater fish, and even though recipes like cutlets that use breadcrumbs are registered with the Merchant Guild, fish fry like this is never served.

“Let’s dig in!”


I started with the shrimp fry.
I poured some tartar sauce over it and took a bite.
Crunch… The change in texture from the crispy coating to the juicy shrimp reached my teeth.

“Mmm… Delicious!”

I couldn’t help but exclaim, and saw the Head Chef, who had been peeking through the door, clench his fist with determination.
But it really is delicious. The shrimp is crunchy and juicy, and the tartar sauce with plenty of pickles and eggs adds a satisfying touch.

Alright, next is the white fish fry.
Let’s try it with Worcestershire sauce.
… Yes, this one is equally delicious. After the crispy texture, the tenderness and umami of the white fish combine with the sauce, making me want to take another bite right away.
The accompanying miso soup and rice seemed like an odd combination, but surprisingly, they go well together.
This is like a mixed fry set meal.
Even Oniisama, Sei, and the Sacred Beasts wanted seconds.
Ruby was eating a beautifully arranged salad with satisfaction.
Who would have thought those tough-looking chefs had such surprising skills…
I was surprised at the growth and unexpectedness of the long-time estate chefs.

The next day, we returned to the Royal Capital using the warping room, and even though Otousama tried to make us stay, we promised to come back and stay over once the order placed with Galvano Ojisama was ready.
After leaving the mansion, we stopped by food stalls along the way and went shopping at Mariel-chan’s father’s company’s store. We also discussed the shortbread being sold at the Mayor Company, but everything went smoothly, and we safely returned to the academy without any issues.
After thanking Oniisama for accompanying us, we parted ways and headed back to the special dorm. Since we had our inventories and didn’t have any luggage to take to our rooms, we went straight to the lounge.

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