Chapter 553.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Galvano, the Legendary Blacksmith.
“Alright, then let’s go to his shop.”

Galvano Ojisama said that and headed to the entrance of the shop with the blueprint he had just finished drawing.

“Eh, umm, where to…?”

Mariel-chan and the rest hurriedly followed, as Ojisama hung a “Closed today” sign on the door of the shop and waited for us to come out while holding the door.

“Huh? Of course, we’re going to a magic tool craftsman’s place. We can’t proceed without him, you know.”

He checked that all of us had come out and locked the door, then started walking towards our destination with a steady pace.

“Oh, right. About his reward, it doesn’t have to be as good as that magic stone, but could you give him something of higher quality?”
“Eh? … Ah, yes. Umm, we have plenty of magic stones, so it’s fine.”

Ruby had hidden in Mariel-chan’s shadow when we came out of the shop, so Mariel-chan asked Ruby with telepathy and answered for her.


“Hmm. Then he’ll probably accept it without hesitation. That guy always has trouble getting materials, you see.”

Galvano Ojisama laughed heartily as he walked along the main street of the artisan district.

It was already close to noon, and there were few people on the street.
Most of the adventurers had gone to the guild early in the morning, looking for requests, and were already on their way.
The street gets crowded in the late afternoon, before dusk.
That’s when the adventurers who came back bring their weapons for repair or buy new equipment with their rewards.
The craftsmen spend their time making or repairing new products or requests until then.
If there are any adventurers around at this time of day, they must be staying for equipment repair, vacation, or replenishment before leaving.

“O-oi, isn’t that Master Galvano?”
“Really? It’s rare for him to be up and about at this time… I wonder if he could give me some advice on choosing a weapon? I don’t want to be knocked down when I talk to him while he’s drinking… ”
“Oh… you tried, didn’t you? That guy is stronger than any clumsy adventurer. You’re an idiot.”
“I know it all too well. I talked to him in the bar, and before I knew it, I was rolling on the floor until morning. Since then, I haven’t talked to him.”
“Dahahaha! Serves you right!”
“Shut up! But now might be a good time.”
“You are stupid~ He has so many companions with him that he must be serving them. If you mess up with him when he’s sober, you’ll get banned.”
“Geh?! Seriously… Damn it, it’s such a great opportunity, though.”

As we passed by, we could hear such conversations from the surrounding adventurers. In addition, there were several people who tried to stop Galvano Ojisama by looking at him and calling out to him.
Galvano Ojisama is really an amazing person.
He is feared and respected by such rough adventurers.
For me, he’s just a sweet old man who makes anything generously, even if he’s a little sloppy with his alcohol.
The whispers of the loud adventurers were not only heard by me, but also by Ojisama, who sighed heavily before stopping abruptly and looking around.

“Hey, you guys! If you’re planning on coming to me, train your mind and body more before you come! I’m not going to make weapons for anyone who doesn’t have anything interesting to show!”

Galvano Ojisama said so loudly and watched as the adventurers quickly left the area with a snort before turning around and starting to walk away.

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