Chapter 552.3

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Not good, not good!
“This…! These are all high-rank magic stones! No, no, no! It’s a waste to use such good magic stones as mere decorations!”
“Eh~? I have plenty of these.”
“Don’t say such foolish things. If you don’t use a suitable base for these magic stones, the staff (cane) will break as soon as you accidentally channel magic through it.”

Eh, is that so!?

“The magic stones are of different colors, but if you just embed them in an ordinary staff, as soon as you channel magic through it, the different properties of the magic will clash, and you could end up pulverizing your arm.”

Eeeh, that’s scary!

“Ehh…? That’s troublesome. So what should we do?”

Ruby stomped his feet on the floor in frustration.

“Hmm, let me see… We’ll need to carve a magic circuit for each magic stone to fix the flow of magic… The material should be…”

As Galvano Ojisama muttered to himself and began writing on a piece of paper, he quickly completed a blueprint for the magic staff. Wow…

“Hmm, I see… Yes, that would certainly leverage the magic stones and prevent the staff from getting destroyed.”

Ruby peeked at the blueprint from beside Galvano Ojisama and nodded in agreement.

“Right? We just need to divert the flow of magic into the magic stones according to the type of magic being used and make it possible to activate it. The material can be made of Magisteel and Mithril. The size should be… if we’re making it for you…”


Galvano Ojisama measured Ruby with a ruler and wrote the size on the blueprint.

“Alright, this should do it. But there’s one problem.”
“W-what is it…? The materials alone are already a problem…!”

Mariel-chan asked, pale-faced. Indeed, Magisteel and Mithril… She was only planning to make a fake cane, but it turned into a rather expensive magic staff, and I don’t think Mariel-chan’s allowance can cover it… Oh, come to think of it, she said she was getting an idea fee from the tailor Sally, so maybe it’s okay?

“Materials? I have Magisteel and Mithril on me.”

Ruby said that and took them out of his inventory with a clatter. Ruby… With the magic stones and the ore, how much are you hoarding!?

“Whoa? I’m surprised… I won’t need this much for your cane, do you? How about letting me keep some instead of the payment? I was just about to replenish my materials.”
“Sure, that’s fine. I didn’t have any particular use for them, I just kept them. So, deal?”
“Umu, but there’s still a problem.”

Even though the materials are ready, there’s still a problem?

“I can make the staff itself, but writing such a detailed magic circuit requires someone with specialized knowledge.”
“Just ask someone.”

Mariel-chan and Ruby spoke at the same time.

“Jouchan, if we ask him, we’ll have to reveal your identities. Is that okay?”

Could it be… that person!?

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