Chapter 552.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Not good, not good!
“Umm, Tirie-san. Kurogane is waiting for you at the Adventurers’ Guild to deliver materials…”
“Eh?! Wait, wait a minute, you should have told me that sooner! Oh no, I have kept him waiting for so long! Cristea-chan and everyone, I’ll see you later!”

As soon as I said that, Tirie-san reacted strongly and ran away like the wind, shouting “I’ve been waiting for you! Kurogane-samaaaa!” … Hey, he’s definitely using body enhancement magic, right? While everyone was stunned by his sudden departure, Galvano Ojisama cleared his throat.

“Well, forget about him. So? Whose equipment do you want me to make?”
“Oh, that’s…”
“Me. I want the equipment!”

Mariel-chan was about to answer, but Ruby jumped out from behind her shadow.

“Whoa? What’s this, there’s another Holy Beast here!?”

Galvano Ojisama was surprised by Ruby’s appearance, and Ruby adjusted his ribbon tie with a smug look.

“Yes. I’m Ruby, the Holy Beast who contracted with Mariel. Nice to meet you~ Gal-va-no♪” “… This Holy Beast, doesn’t he resemble that Tirie fella?”

Ah, Galvano Ojisama is thinking the same thing as me? Ruby and Tirie-san both have a certain vibe…

“What? You’re saying that elf and I look alike? Don’t be ridiculous. I’m way cuter and sexier than him, so don’t lump us together!”


Ruby stomped his feet on the floor in frustration, but it’s clear that he has a certain animosity towards his own kind… Maybe he deliberately avoided showing himself when Tirie-san was around.

“I see, I understand. Sorry about that. So? What do you want me to make?”

Galvano Ojisama brushed off Ruby’s complaints and confirmed the request. As expected, his long association with Tirie-san has given him the ability to handle similar types with ease.

“Geez. Do you really understand… Well, never mind. Mariel, show him the thing.”
“Ah, yes!”

This duo, it’s hard to tell who’s in charge… Mariel-chan hurriedly showed Galvano Ojisama the sketch she had brought with her.

“What we would like you to make is this cane.”
“Let me see. Hmm… It’s more of a magic staff than a cane, isn’t it? These colored stones are magic stones, right?”

A magic staff is a staff with magic stones embedded in it, commonly used by magicians in fantasy worlds. Using it when casting magic can produce a synergistic effect, allowing for stronger magic to be cast. Most court magicians seem to have their own magic staff that suits them.

“Well, yes… Ruby is going to provide the magic stones he has on hand, but it’s not really necessary for it to have the function of a magic staff. It’s more of a decoration…”
“That’s right, I don’t really need a magic staff. Look, wouldn’t it look nice if I had this cane with this outfit?”

… Just for the sake of having a cane? I barely managed to hold back my retort as Ruby took out his magic stones with a jingle, and Galvano Ojisama’s eyes widened.

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