Chapter 552.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Not good, not good!
After Galvano Ojisama and Tirie-san finished eating, we moved to the store, where Mariel-chan’s group was waiting.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting. I’m Galvano.”
“N-not at all! I’m sorry for intruding so suddenly.”
“Oh my, it doesn’t change the fact that Galvano kept you waiting, so there’s no need to apologize.”

Tirie-san stopped Mariel-chan from bowing her head.

“Fueh? Eh, umm, y-yes!”

Mariel-chan became even more suspicious when she saw Tirie-san suddenly appear from behind Galvano Ojisama. Her face turned bright red. Well, if a handsome elf man suddenly appeared in front of you, you would be flustered, too. I understand.

“Um, who might this be…?”

Mariel-chan looked at me for help.

“This is the Guild Master of the Ellisfeed territory’s Adventurers’ Guild, umm… Tirie-san.”

His real name is Tirierie, but it’s hard to pronounce, so it’s okay, right?

“I’m Tirie. Nice to meet you.”

Tirie-san didn’t seem to mind and winked with a bewitching smile.

“Y-yes! I’m Mariel Mayor! N-nice to meet you too!”

Mariel-chan still stutters when she gets shy around people…

“So? Who are these boys?”


Tirie-san seemed to have locked on to Sei and Byakko-sama right away.

“I’m Sei Shikishima. I’m Miss Cristea’s classmate, and I heard that we were visiting the blacksmith Galvano, so I came along. The one next to me are Byakko and Suzaku. They are my contracted Holy Beasts.”
“Ou, I’m Byakko. Nice to meet you.”
“I’m Suzaku. Hello.”
“My, oh my, you’re also like Cristea-chan, contracting with multiple Holy Beasts. That’s amazing.”
“No, it’s nothing like that…”
“But you, I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before… you are a person from Yahatul, aren’t you?”

Tirie-san stared at Sei and said.

“Huh? Yes, I came from Yahatul, but what about it…?”
“Where was it… oh yes, I saw a kid who looked a lot like you at the Bastea Company.”

I flinched at Tirie-san’s words. That means he saw Sei when he was in O-Sei-chan’s form.

“… Is that so. My cousin was staying at the Bastea Company for a while, so it must have been her. Being cousins, we resemble each other a bit.”

Sei answered with a smile without flinching.

“A cousin, huh… hmm. Oh well, my regards anyway.”

Tirie-san returned a smile with some implication… Tirie-san seems to have sensed something. Scary!

“Tirie, you have work to do too. Go on.”

Galvano Ojisama pushed Tirie-san’s shoulders and urged him to leave.

“Ah, come on! It’s okay if I’m a little late. I don’t have any visitors scheduled anyway?”

Tirie-san didn’t even seem to stagger and looked like he was determined to stay. Muu… can’t be helped.

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