Chapter 551.2

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A, are you okay!?
“Ojisama… even though it’s getting warmer, it can still get cold at night, so you shouldn’t sleep on the floor! You will catch a cold.”

Even though I had Mashiro pour ice water on him.

“No, I won’t catch a cold…”
“That’s right, Galvano is sturdy, so this much is fine.”
“No arguing! Ojisama, please go wash your face at the well in the back! I will prepare breakfast! Hurry up!”

I was doubly angry because I was worried and chased the two of them into the backyard. Mashiro and I temporarily stored the alcohol bottles in my Inventory and cleaned up, then cast Clear magic on the entire room and brought out the miso soup and rice balls I had stored. I felt sorry for Oniisama, but I asked him to pass on a message to Sei and the others waiting for us, and had them wait at the store for a moment. After all, this is a private zone, so unless it’s an emergency, I can’t just let anyone in.

“‘I’m sorry, Cristea-chan.”
“Sorry about that, Jouchan.”

After washing their faces, the two of them came back and timidly sat down to have breakfast.

“I know you both like alcohol, but I don’t approve of drinking like that.”
“I’m ashamed.”
“Ahaha, I’ll be careful. Mm~! Cristea-chan’s delicious cooking after a long time!”
“Umu, Jouchan’s food is still as delicious. So, what brings you today?”

Galvano Ojisama slurped the miso soup and asked me.

“Umm, I came to ask you a favor. Right now, I have a friend from the academy waiting at the store… and I wanted to ask you to make equipment for the Sacred Beast that my friend has contracted.”


At that point, the two of them spat out their miso soup. That’s dirty.

“Wh-what… what did you say? A Sacred Beast!? Other than Mashiro-sama and Kurogane-sama?”
“Yes. A classmate’s.”

I handed them towels I wetted with water magic.

“…Now that you mention it, I heard that this year was a good year for Sacred Beast contractors, and we even received a news flash at the Adventurer’s Guild via a warping service. So was Cristea-chan’s friend…”
“You and the Sacred Beast contractors are all amazing.”

The two of them wiped their mouths and looked stunned.

“So, I would like you to make equipment for the contracted beast. I don’t have anyone else to ask…”
“Jouchan, don’t be shy about asking others for favor. Though if it’s you, I will do anything.”
“Thank you, Ojisama! I love you!”
“Hohoho…? Aren’t you going to hug me like usual?”

I smiled wryly at Ojisama who was waiting with his arms wide open.

“I’m already a lady who has entered school, and… you stink of alcohol, so…”
“… Should I stop, no reduce my drinking…”
“That would be impossible for you, Galvano.”

Tirie-san added a retort to Ojisama, who was depressed after being refused a hug. Yeah, I think it’s impossible for him too…

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