Chapter 551.1

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A, are you okay!?
“Ojisama! Ojisama!?”

I ran to Galvano Ojisama. A bottle of alcohol was rolling around his head, and a dark red stain was spreading on the floor. Well, if he fell and hit his head, it’s forbidden to shake him. First, check his consciousness, then his breathing… then… what was it, heart massage!? There’s no AED in this world⁉️

“Ojisama! Are you okay!?”

… Grglrgll…


A groan that seemed to echo from the depths of the earth resounded around.


… It was just Ojisama’s snoring.
I, is he perhaps only sleeping!?
With the smell of alcohol filling the room, I thought he might have gotten drunk and fallen and hit his head. No, no, I’ve heard that people can snore when they have a stroke… Oh, Mariel-chan was there! If I call Mariel-chan, who was a nurse in her previous life, she might know what to do! I stood up to get Mariel-chan.

“Nnu… what is it? It’s noisy so early in the morning.”

Startled by the familiar voice, I looked in that direction and saw a lump of blankets on the sofa move and Tiria-san emerged from it and sat up.

“N~…? Oh my! Isn’t that Cristea-chan. Good morning. What brings you here today? Does your academy have holiday?”


Tirie-san rubbed his eyes and greeted me nonchalantly when he saw me.

“Tirie-san! This is not the time to be so leisurely! Ojisama is!”
“Huh? What happened to Galvano… ah, what? He’s still sleeping.”
“… Just sleeping?”

Despite all the noise, Ojisama was still snoring loudly and showed no signs of waking up.

“We were drinking until dawn. He fell asleep on the floor, so I left him there and went to sleep, too.”
“Huh, just like that?”
“Well, it’s a pain to carry Galvano to bed. He’s a heavy mass of muscles.”

Tirie-san said it was warm enough this season and moved to the table, pouring the remaining wine into a glass and reaching for the leftover cheese when I snapped.

“Tirie-san! Stop drinking and eat properly! Oniisama, open the windows! Mashiro, wake up Galvano Ojisama!”
“Roger. Wake up~!”

Mashiro held his hands over Galvano Ojisama’s head, and a shower of ice-cold water poured down on him.

“Wha! What!? What happened!?”

Galvano Ojisama, drenched in ice water from head to toe, jumped up in a panic and blinked when he saw us.

“Jouchan!? What’s going on? What about school?”

Galvano Ojisama shook his head and asked.
No, that’s not what you should be worried about, right?

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