Chapter 584.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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In my case, before my memories from my previous life returned, I was a shut-in in our territory, dreaming of life in the Royal Capital. I thought that once my magic power stabilized and stopped going berserk, I could debut in high society. So, I worked especially hard on etiquette.
However, as soon as my memories from my previous life returned, I started slacking off, and I got scolded quite a bit.
Magic being real and all felt like a fantasy! I got into studying magic, but my mentor, Master Marlen, laughed at me for being so lazy about it.

“I cannot match you, Cristea-sama, who has essentially finished the education for a Queen, in anything…”

Alicia-sama lowered her gaze and tightly gripped her skirt.

“There were rumors around that you declined, but the perception that you remained the most likely candidate didn’t change.”

I really wish she could change that perception! Right away!

“In addition, being a Sacred Beast contractor, and moreover, contracting with multiple ones, was unprecedented. I went beyond feeling anxious and started to hate you. Why does Cristea-sama get all this…?”

Oh no, so that’s why she treated me like an enemy from the beginning… It’s a bit shocking to know I was disliked.

“So, when we encountered each other in the salon building, I couldn’t help but say those things…”

That was the time when she suggested I should just get engaged with Oniisama, right?
I had no idea back then that he was actually my cousin, so it was quite a surprise.
Fortunately, we didn’t end up having a strained relationship, but when Oniisama proposed something like that, it became a different kind of issue.
Well, yeah, he told me it’s okay to think about it later, so I’ll just put it aside for now.

“Cristea-san, your face is a bit red. Are you okay? Are you feeling unwell…?”

Mariel-chan looked at me with concern, and I instinctively covered my cheeks with my hands, feeling a slight warmth.

“Huh? Oh, no, Mariel-san, I’m fine. Nothing to worry about! And Alicia-sama, I don’t mind that incident anymore. You do know by now that I have no intention of getting engaged to the Crown Prince, right?”

“Yes, but… I want to apologize. I caused you unpleasant feelings due to my assumptions, and I am truly sorry for that.”

Alicia-sama said that and deeply bowed her head.


Huh?! Nobles aren’t supposed to apologize so easily, right?!
Well, I tend to casually apologize due to habits from my previous life, but for Alicia-sama to do this is quite a big deal, isn’t it?!

“Alicia-sama! Please raise your head! I have accepted your apology! We are already friends, right? Right?”

I hurriedly stopped her, and Alicia-sama lifted her head with a face that seemed to be both smiling and on the verge of tears.

“… Cristea-sama, you forgive too easily, don’t you?”

“Hmm, being hated for no reason was honestly shocking, but now I feel a stronger desire to be friends. So, it can’t be helped.”

Saying that, Alicia-sama chuckled and said, “Fufu, Cristea-sama, you… So, we are already friends, huh?” with a wry smile similar to mine.

“Um, err… I also…”

When Mariel-chan hesitantly spoke, Alicia-sama gave a gentle smile.

“Of course. I would love to hear more about Ruby-sama from you, too.”


“Oh my? If it’s about me, just ask directly. Friends of Mariel and Cristea are always welcome!”

Ruby said, sipping on carrot juice, and Alicia-sama grinned broadly.

“Thank you very much!”

Looks like Alicia-sama really likes fluffiness.
Should I invite her to the Fluffy Lovers Club?

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