Chapter 209

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Valuable sacrifice?
When I took out a pot-au-feu, the three let out hou… and ate while slightly calmed down.

“… This is a relieving, tender flavor. Not only snacks that go well with alcohol, but to also display such side of it… quite incredible.”

Galvano said such and continued slowly savoring the taste while nodding.

“Umu, my mood is steadily increasing! Give me more alcohol!”

Ehh~! I thought you calmed down and were to put it down already… wasn’t that a scene like that??

… How frightening the drinking capacity of Dwarves is…

After that, the three started ordering what they want to eat which piled up considerably, so I switched with Shin and returned to my room…

I, I mean, look. I’m just a child, you know? It’s already the bedtime for me so I had to quickly return to my room, you know? It’s true, you know?

… To be frank, those three are stronger drinkers than I thought! Ojisama is like a black hole! I can’t keep with them! You know!

Shin made a “Geh!” face the moment he entered the room and registered Tirie-san, but… I didn’t see it! I didn’t!

“… I will get you for this tomorrow, alright?” is what he said in a sorry voice when we passed by, but that was also surely just my imagination!

I mean, it’s only Shin who can deal with Tirie-san’s true nature, right!?
By the way, Head Chef also seemed to know about Tirie-san and that’s probably why he denied so strongly. Seriously… even though he was watching from the front row when I was showing how to make it…!

When I asked about it, Tirie-san’s preferences when he gets drunk… rather, he sexually harasses specific men… his body touch apparently gets terrifying…

“Oh myyy? You, aren’t youuu Shin? No wayyy! It has been a while, right? Come here for a littlee! Let’s drink together?”
“No, we have met just recently, right!? Hey! I’m in the middle of the work! Please sit down! Whaa!? Where are you touching…!”

I heard such exchange just before closing the door… I think… no, I’m sure… it’s possible… yeah.
… Shin… live strongly…! I will request Otousama to give you a special bonus for you! Please bear with it…!

I have asked Kurogane to monitor them just in case after returning to my room, but…
He asked me “… May I drink a little as well?”, so he seemed quite unreliable…

Mashiro also considerately asked “Me too, shall I go monitor?”, but I didn’t want to throw the cute Mashiro into that lawless area… let’s leave it to Kurogane who’s used to it. Yeah.

Kaguya is… yeah. Sleeping well as if it doesn’t concern her. That is the best.

… Err, I’m waking up early tomorrow, so let’s go to sleep already!
… Goodnight!

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