Chapter 587.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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… Scary!
“Eh!? Ehh… ehhh? J-just me? Is that… right?”

She stumbled. It’s always like this when dealing with someone she’s still not accustomed to.

“That’s right. Because it was me and His Highness who warned them in the salon building, it’s prohibited to lay a hand on Tea, but there are few people who think they can handle a Baron’s naive daughter.”

Ah… Tr… Tri… Thinking about that Tree’s misunderstanding way of thinking, it seems plausible.

“Still, if it was a formal proposal for engagement, that would be considered a better option. It’s rude of me to say, but there might be households that will consider you a concubine or mistress due to your status.”
“Concubine or m-mistress!? Th-that’s… no way…”

As Mariel-chan started to tear up, she hugged Ruby tightly.

Perhaps she hugged too tightly, as Ruby escaped from Mariel-chan’s arms through teleportation and appeared above her head.
Ah, she landed on Mariel-chan’s shoulder after kicking her head a few times. Ouch, that looks painful.

“For goodness’ sake, that hurt!”
“Ouch… That was heartless of you too, Ruby…”

Ruby, with a pained expression, used her forelegs to turn Mariel-chan’s face towards her.

“Geez, pull yourself together, Mariel! I wouldn’t let you become something like that, would I? Who do you think I am?”
“Sniffle… Ruby…”
“Come on, fix that disgraceful face of yours.”

Ruby took out a handkerchief from his inventory and pressed it against Mariel-chan’s face.


“Geez, you’re so mean, Ruby… but thank you.”
“You’re such a handful. I’m your Sacred Beast, so taking care of you is obvious. Besides, if you just watch your step and avoid blunders, there won’t be any problems, so be careful with your actions!”
“Ugh… I’ll do my best.”

Yeah, I think Mariel-chan will be fine with Ruby around, but I’ll also keep an eye on her surroundings.

“… Um, it seems Miss Mariel’s safety is guaranteed. If needed, we could lend some of the Ellisfeed guards to the Mayor family? What do you think?”

Oniisama proposed while looking perplexed at Mariel-chan and Ruby’s interaction.
As expected of my Oniisama! He even considered measures for Mariel-chan! How kind!

“Oh my! You’re so considerate. Yes, we must ensure nothing happens to Mariel’s family. Also, if you let me know about anyone who seems to pose a threat to Mariel, I’ll take care of them myself.”

Ruby teleported onto Oniisama’s lap and leaned against his chest.

“… Using mind-influencing magic is forbidden, you know?”
“Eh~? Why not? Come on, wouldn’t it be fine? I could expose all their wrongdoings and even make them obedient little angels who listen to you guys.”

Hey, Ruby, let’s not make such dangerous remarks, especially in front of His Highness!

“… That’s not acceptable. Ah, but I am interested in exposing their wrongdoings… could I ask for your help?”
“Hmm? Does that benefit me and Mariel? You don’t want me turning people who inconvenience us into obedient little angels, do you?”
“… Is lending guards to the Mayor family not enough?”
“Ah~… right, that’s a point… well, depending on the situation, I might consider it. But reporting everything would be too much trouble.”
“For now, let’s settle for that. Thank you.”

With that, my brother and Ruby shook hands.
Crown Prince Raymond muttered “scary” as he glanced at the two.
Yeah, I agree. Scary!

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