Chapter 587.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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… Scary!
After calming down Alicia-sama and parting ways in the lobby of the salon building with souvenirs in hand, we returned to the special dormitory, where Oniisama and Crown Prince Raymond were waiting in the lounge with Sei.

“Oniisama! … and Crown Prince Raymond!?”
“Tea, welcome back. Did you enjoy the tea party?”
“Yo, Miss Cristea. Sorry for intruding.”

My composed Oniisama and the restless Crown Prince Raymond.
Next to Sei, there was also Byakko-sama, and considering that Kurogane and Mashiro were there a moment ago, it’s understandable that Crown Prince Raymond was fidgety.

“Yes, we had a delightful time with Alicia-sama.”

Although there was a little panic with Leon-sama’s presence…
…I wonder if I should report to Crown Prince Raymond about the earlier commotion?

“That’s good. So, about the earlier incident… is it okay to talk about it now?”

The earlier commotion… um, something about a person named Tree?

“Yes, of course.”
“Thank you. So, could both of you please have a seat?”

In response to Oniisama’s words, we nodded and took the available seats.
Ruby, lying comfortably on Mariel-chan’s lap, watched as Kurogane and Mashiro transformed back into their Sacred Beast forms, securing positions at my feet and on my lap and looked at Oniisama and Crown Prince Raymond with smug smiles. Kurogane and Mashiro, you don’t have to compete with Ruby like that.
Now Oniisama and Crown Prince Raymond were giving you bewildered looks, gee!

“Cough… um, about the male student earlier, he is of Marquis Gadrey’s family and goes by the name Trinian. He’s one of the nobles who, when the news of Tea forming a Sacred Beast contract became public within the academy, immediately approached you and sent you invitations.”


Ah, right, Trinian! I remember now!
He mentioned before that he invited me to a tea party.
Since Okaasama shut everything out, I didn’t know who invited me, and it was troublesome.
If such things are going to happen in the future, I need to come up with a strategy.

“According to information from Okaasama, there were even discreet marriage proposals. Of course, I asked her to politely decline.”

Oniisama, Oniisama, could you stop emitting cold air with that smile?
Crown Prince Raymond, for some reason, was nodding and looking uncomfortably cold.
What’s going on!?

“But it seems he hasn’t given up. Since the Gadrey family only has male siblings, and there are no children to marry into the Royal family as the Cronw Prince’s candidates, they thought they could gain a political advantage by marrying you, the Sacred Beast contractor.”

When Oniisama glanced at him, the Crown Prince had a disgruntled expression.

“… Don’t make it sound like it’s my fault. However, it’s absolutely unacceptable. Trying to get close to Miss Cristea for such a ridiculous reason!”
“Yes, it’s worth a thousand deaths.”

Hmm, I had a faint suspicion about that, but despite the stern warning from the Headmaster to all students and staff, he reinterpreted my the tea party with Alicia-sama as permission for interaction with me, and dared to approach me and cause trouble…
It’s audacious, to say the least.

“I made it clear to everyone there that, except for family members and close friends recognized by you and other Sacred Beast contractors, making contact with you is currently not allowed.”
“Yeah. I emphasized that as well.”
“T-Thank you, Oniisama, Your Highness.”

“If it’s for your sake, it’s no big deal. But he still doesn’t seem to have given up, so be careful.”
“Eh, even though both of you have said that?”
“Well, you might be fine, Tea… but Miss Mariel might be in danger in now.”

Mariel-chan gasped at Oniisama’s words.

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