Chapter 586.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Her passion is amazing!?
“Is it just the Sacred Beasts… or are small Magic Beasts and small animals not allowed, too?”
“Huh? Not only Magic Beasts, but even small animals?”
“Yes. The magic power pressure from earlier, even though I was taken by surprise, I couldn’t handle it on the spot. If it’s weak Magic Beasts or small animals, then…”

Alicia-sama tightly grasped the handkerchief she had and seemed to suddenly remember that it belonged to Mariel-chan.
She hurriedly opened it and reached out with her hand.

“Oh, are you worried that your pet might die or something, Allie?”
“Ah… well, yes. That’s right. I am a bit hopeless worrying about things like this, even though I am one of the candidates, but…”

I see. Alicia-sama loves fluffy things, so it’s natural to be concerned about pets becoming objects of jealousy.

… Kurogane and Mashiro, want to exclude Kaguya, who had been virtually neutralized in the form of a black cat right from the start.
However, Suzaku-sama and Byakko-sama don’t seem to dislike Kaguya; in fact, they find her interesting. I wonder if there’s individual variation?

“Hmm, if it’s something weak that doesn’t affect my master’s (Mariel’s) magic power, I don’t really mind. The problem is those without resistance to magic power pressure. With that earlier attack, there’s a possibility that they might not just faint but could even have their lives at risk.”
“T-that cannot be…”

Alicia-sama was shocked by Ruby’s words.
It’s understandable to be shocked when you hear that the lives of the precious pets you care about might be at stake.

“Oh my, that’s not a problem if you can train them properly.”

Suzaku-sama, who had been observing from the sidelines, casually commented.

“I-Is that really true!?”


Alicia-sama looked at Suzaku-sama with hopeful eyes.

“Yes. However… in my case, as I am a superior being, I would start by making them submit to me with a small amount of magic power. Then, gradually, you need to get them accustomed to magic power. Although you may like to get them accustomed all at once, there are individuals who would quickly wither away if you do that, so you need to proceed with caution.”

Come to think of it, when we visited the building for practical training of Monsterology, Suzaku-sama did something like that. And then, she gave me her feather, which I discreetly kept in my pockets so that the animals there wouldn’t panic because of me, who was marked by Kurogane and Mashiro.

“But wouldn’t that mean the tame I did was undone…?”
“Well, consider it a showcase of my skill… The master-servant relationship remains intact. However, in case of emergency, I will teach them to follow me. So, unless there’s a really significant issue, there’s no problem.”

Suzaku-sama said with a charming smile, but that’s a major problem.

Doesn’t that mean that pets, who usually obey and are well-trained, might one day turn against us under Suzaku-sama’s command!? It’s too frightening, isn’t it!? Alicia-sama seemed to grasp the true meaning of that smile, and her face twitched in response.

“I-is that right…?”
“Yes. Making them submit to Leon-sama will also serve as proof that you dedicate everything to the Royal family, won’t it?”
“Me… dedicate myself? T-That’s too much!? I’m still just one of the candidates, and offering myself like that is too presumptuous…”

Alicia-sama, with a bright red face, looked at me with upturned eyes, covering her face with both hands.

Whoa~! So cute!
Just a moment ago, she was sniffling, and now she looked up at me with those teary eyes.
Wow! I think if she directed that face towards His Highness, he’d be completely captivated, wouldn’t he!?

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